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Ultimate Guide to Semen Retention & Benefits

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Ultimate Guide to Semen Retention & Benefits

Although it may sound like some wild new fad, the practice is probably as old as humankind. People have different reasons for trying it, from physical to emotional to spiritual.

In this practice, orgasm is separated from ejaculation, making it possible to have the full pleasure of sexual communication including orgasm without experiencing primary ejaculation. Semen retention is an ancient practice, believed to boost male physical and spiritual energy and transmute one’s sexual energy into productivity, instead of leaking one’s life force, and become involved in low-consciousness behavior.

Semen retention might seem like a modern concept, but it is only because websites and forums have made it easier to discuss such things openly.

Sexual continence involves a total aware control of the sexual function during lovemaking. This implies the total experience of the love fusion having the possibility of reaching many orgasms by the two lovers. This kind of love fusion does not end with ejaculation for man or with an explosive discharge of the erotic, sexual fluids for woman.

Chinese medicine and Qigong is a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control, that leads to inner balance and fulfillment), has a deep focus on semen. “Jing” means sexual energy in Chinese, and this primal energy is getting reduced every time a man has an ejaculation, which is called an “Energy suicide”. Jing is what we come from, Jing is the vital energy that made each of us human, it is literally the most powerful energy in the universe, if you think about it. Via semen and “Jing”, you are able to actually create another human being. It is life in its most living sense, and it creates life.

Semen was, that it was the primal energy of our life, it is the deep foundational ground pillar of your existence as a human being and all the vitamins and minerals it contains, has so much nutritional value, that you keep leaking over and over again, instead of transmuting that powerful energy into something productive, creative etc. Because that is literally what you can do with this powerful semen!

On the other hand, it has become a conduit for some of the most primal urges and emotions we have as humans. Technology has also led many especially the millennial generation to become completely dependent on it to fulfill these emotions.

Of all the desires that the internet fuels, the desire for synthetic love is, obviously, by far the most lucrative, sought after, and abused desire of all. According to the ancient Chinese knowledge about Semen retention, the reason for all these benefits, are of course because of the vital, creative energy “Jing”, that balances your body completely, and makes you able to live in flow with life, and not out of balance. Don’t you think it’s worth giving it a try?

The benefits are enormous, and they all can’t possibly be listed here, you have to experience the benefits for yourself, test out Semen retention for yourself (Give it minimum 4 weeks) and you’ll se huge beneficial gains by doing Semen Retention!


Sexual Stamina! Lasting longer is a topic that is near and dear to the heart of many men.

The first aspect of semen retention for men, is simply learning to control involuntary ejaculation. By using Tantric semen retention methods men can learn to manage their sexual response and condition their bodies so that sexual stimulation can last for as long as they choose.

Increased Sex Drive A fairly recent study from China shows that Semen Retention Increases Testosterone Levels by 45.7% after 7 days! Wow! Testosterone is intricately linked to sex drive & sexual response in men. Author of “The Tao of Health Sex & Longevity”: ‘Semen essence is the fuel that drives male sexuality. It is the source not only of physical capacity for sex, but also of sexual interest and emotional affection for the opposite gender.’ Thus -’ A man who maintains consistently high levels of testosterone, sperm, semen, and other male essences by practicing ejaculatory control will experience an overwhelming enhancement in his love and affection for his woman. He will also gain the capacity to act upon that loving urge over and over again.’

More Benefits


* more confidence and self-control

* less anxiety and depression

* increased motivation

* better memory, concentration, and overall cognitive function


* greater vitality

* increased muscle growth

* thicker hair, deeper voice

* improved sperm quality


When you stop beating your meat for pleasure, your spiritual energy starts to take place. You will stop objectifying women and you will start to respect them because when you watch those kinds of videos it affects your mind badly and decreases your dopamine level. It also helps you to be calm in any situation.

* deeper relationships

* stronger life force

* better overall happiness

All of this being said, it is important for men to ejaculate sometimes. Obviously if you are attempting to conceive a child, there will be some periods when it is necessary to ejaculate with a degree of frequency. But even at those times, it is recommended by experts to refrain from frequent ejaculation between lovemaking sessions. Some Tantric experts recommend an ejaculation frequency of once every 6 weeks for male students, over the age of 35.

This is because it takes a good 6 weeks for the body to begin to regenerate after a lifetime of chronic, unregulated ejaculation, and for male power to really begin to build.”


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