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Benefits of a prostate massage


The prostate is a small, walnut-sized gland located within the male reproductive system, near the bladder. The prostate's main function is to secrete a fluid that helps form seminal fluid, which carries sperm.  Prostate massage refers to the manual stimulation of the prostate gland with a finger or other device.  Several health professionals are recommending prostate massage as a preventive health practice, and some men are reporting it gives them the best orgasms they have ever experienced. Prostate massage offers a variety of benefits but check with your doctor before you experiment with prostate massage.

However, the main difference is that prostate massage, also known as prostate milking, is a bit more taboo for men.
The idea of inserting a finger or an anal toy of some sort into their anus grosses them out or downright freaks them out. If you find yourself relating to this dilemma, don’t count it out unless you’ve actually tried doing so. You’d be surprised to know that there are major benefits to massaging the prostate that goes beyond sexual aspects.
In some Asian countries, prostate massage therapy is widely practiced by men to enhance their sexual performance. A side benefit may be the fact Asian men tend to have lower rates of prostate cancer.


Benefits include the following


It helps eliminate the build-up of prostatic fluid in the prostate gland ducts, which can lead to prostatitis, a painful inflammation of the prostate.

It improves blood flow to the prostate which helps the gland produce the fluid that mixes with semen and increases circulation, helping with impotence.

It can help prevent BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia), also known as an enlarged prostate, which can lead to difficulty in urinating and cause bladder infections if the urine backs up into the bladder.

Impotence is generally defined as the inability to achieve an erection. Prostate massage can help men overcome impotence by stimulating the flow of seminal fluid and increasing circulation

 Increased Urine Flow,  enlargement of the prostate gland is one cause of difficulty with urine flow,  The reduction of pressure from released fluids during a prostate massage can help get urine flow back to normal.


Better Sexual Performance, we can’t talk about prostate massage and not relate it to better sexual performance and pleasure. Regular milking of the prostate enhances your ejaculation--to the point that it “explodes,” so to speak.
An ejaculation due to the stimulation of the prostate can be much more intense than that of a penile one.



There are two types of prostate massages, internal and external. Due to religious or personal choice, some men find the backside a bit of a taboo and others do not wish to be naked. For them, there is a device called the Prostate-Cradle-Revolutionary-External-Massager on the market that can be used fully clothed and is reasonably priced.

Some men can experience the benefits of prostate stimulation through the perineum, the area between the testes and anus. The prostate gland becomes very sensitive when a man is sexually aroused and the right pressure on it during the few moments before orgasm will feel amazing. It can be a good option for beginners who aren't yet that comfortable with an internal massage.

If you are a heterosexual man, prostate pleasure may feel like a taboo. This fear stems from the myth that only gay man practice anal play. Some women may be concerned that if their partners like this massage they may be secretly gay or bisexual. This belief is not only homophobic but also not true at all.


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