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Prostate Massage










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What Is Prostate Massage and How Does It Benefit Men?

Prostate massage could also be regarded as prostate milking.


However, it is termed as 'massage' when it is done with the purpose of treating medical problems such as chronic prostatitis. The word 'milking' is used when the intended result of the massage is to achieve enhanced ejaculations and sexual pleasure without the need for any typical forms of sexual stimulation. With regular massage of the prostate gland, most men have found relief with their problems with impotency; have experienced regular ejaculation, and improved erectile function. The therapy is also believed to treat or prevent prostate enlargement. How is the Therapy Carried Out One can go for self prostate massage in the form of internal massage, external massage or one which is assisted with the help of a device. Each of these types has been briefly discussed in the following segment. External Prostate Massage before beginning the massage, ensure that your nails are trimmed and meticulously clean. Externally, the prostate gland can be accessed through the strip that lies in between the scrotum ("the external pouch that contains the testes") and the anus. This is known as the perineum. So once you are there, using the pads of your fingers, exert gentle pressure on it. Try to find a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface, which runs the length of the perineum. When you do, run your fingers back and forth over this depression. This massage may result in an erection and when properly done, can also result in ejaculation. However, if you feel some kind of pain or discomfort in doing so, it means you are exerting too much pressure. Internal Prostate Massage As with the external massage, your hands must be cleansed and nails must be trimmed. It is better if you have a bowel movement before you begin the session. Things you would require would be close-fitting rubber gloves and water-based lubricant. Begin lubricating the anus by stroking it in circular motions. It is better if the lubrication is lengthy and slow. Never try to rush your fingertip into the anus, but gently and firmly apply pressure using the pad. Keep applying the lubrication, and when the anus muscles begin to adjust, they would allow the finger to enter. After you have made the entrance, crook the finger upwards, towards the wall of the abdomen. You would feel a walnut-size about 2 inches inside the rectum. This would be the prostate gland. Now, you can begin the massage by applying more or less pressure in order to control the sensations. It is better if you only go for the sides of the organ, as the center is known to be too sensitive. Be mindful to only use the pads of your fingers, and not the nails. By providing varying pressure on the gland, you may experience an erection, and continuing it may also result in ejaculation. During the massage, if you feel any pain or tenderness, then it is recommended to reduce the pressure or stop the activity altogether.

Although the prostate massage technique does well for the gland, it must be known that it also harbors a risk of causing damage to the gland, especially in the case of the internal massage. The damage could occur if the person is suffering from some kind of medical condition or if the massage is done vigorously. Men with cancer of the prostate gland, or infection of the same, are advised against this therapy. This is because, the massage can trigger cancer to metastasize, or may cause the infection to spread to other parts of the body. The prostate gland is extremely fragile by nature, and that is why one must proceed with proper precautions before going for the massage. It is always wise to consult your physician about the benefits of such massages for you as an individual.


Regular Ejaculation

Massaging the prostate promotes relaxation and, in turn, regular ejaculation. Regular ejaculation has a number of healthy, non-sexual benefits. The stimulation of the prostate gland promotes the production of fluid in the prostate and brings fresh blood flow to the pelvic area. This fresh blood flow will bring oxygen and nutrients, allowing for healthier cell function within the prostate and the surrounding area.

Improved Erectile Function

Many men experience chronic constriction in the area of the pelvis. This constriction, again, decreases blood flow to the area and to the penis itself. Massaging the prostate and the perineum will relax the pelvic muscles and allow better blood flow to the area.

Relief of Pain and Swelling from Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a condition in which bacteria grows in the acini sacs within the prostate gland itself. The bacteria causes the prostate gland to become swollen and, in some cases painful. In many cases, the bacteria can shed itself from the prostate gland, but if the prostate swells, the acini close and the bacteria becomes trapped, causing additional pain, swelling, and urinary problems. Gentle prostate massage ensures that fresh blood flow is brought to the acini sacs, allowing them to flush and prevent bacteria from remaining trapped inside.


Many men suffering from impotence find that regular prostate massages help to return them to normal sexual function. While sexual impotence can be caused by muscular constriction, as mentioned above, it can also be caused by past neglects or abuses (physical or nonphysical). Regular prostate massage will increase seminal fluids and can, over time, help a man to overcome impotence issues.



                           Medical Warnings Concerning Prostate Massage                                  

  The prostate gland is a very delicate organ and should be treated with care at all times.  

     While there are not many studies regarding the benefits of prostate massage, many doctors believe that the technique may be helpful for a variety of medical conditions.    

  It is, however, important to discuss the technique and your need for it with your physician before attempting it on your own. He will be able to help you determine if the benefits of prostate massage apply to your particular condition.


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