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What Is Goddess Worship

One of the most frequently asked questions that female Tantrica's get is:

Do you offer Goddess Worship? 

My  response is: Goddess worship is serving the Goddess in exactly the way she desires to be served.

           Unfortunately, this beautiful phrase has been usurped by hobbyists in the sex work community to mean Oral sex and intercourse.
         That’s a pretty intimate act. As you can imagine, for most women to truly enjoy this, they need to be completely relaxed and trust the person providing it.

Those who practice classical Tantra, there are much deeper implications of Goddess worship.


In this divine massage you learn how to give more by receiving more. Surprisingly, becoming a better lover is more about how much you can receive, let go, and surrender, than about “doing” or “performing” for a partner. You open your body to deeper levels of sensations, pleasure, and the experience of deep surrender.

Your beautiful Goddesses will guide you seamlessly into sacred intention, orgasmic breathing, and the heightening of your innate sensuality. You will learn to receive with an open heart, focused mind, and a relaxed yet energized body. You will become free to experience your own sensations in timeless, treasured moments… just like you want to do for your lover!

            The rewards of this honor can rarely be achieved in a 1 hour session, a first meeting, or when the man has an intense desire for this specific activity and is willing to do it indiscriminately with any woman to fulfill his own needs. 


      My desire is for this term “Goddess Worship” to return to its honorable intention.

If you are a seeker,  ask  “Is there any way I can serve you?

Would you enjoy receiving any type of touch, gifts, or acts of service from me?”

      It’s also important to respect that many practitioners uphold strict boundaries around certain acts for good reason. They aren’t trying to block you from your heart’s desire, they are often protecting themselves from being more vulnerable to STD/STI's, preventing emotional attachment issues, or upholding their relationship agreements with their partners.

     I also urge you to question your agenda.

Why are you fixated on this act? 

Are you objectifying yoni's(Vaginas) in an obsessive way instead of actually respecting the powerful flesh that they are?

Is it about control? Or forcing a woman to lose control?

Sometimes it is the ego hit of being able to provide an orgasm.

Perhaps it is just something you enjoy thoroughly or all of the above.

    Remember that Tantra practitioners are there to help you experience new aspects of sensuality. We are there to help you break patterns and habits that have held your full ecstatic potential hostage. Considering releasing control, dropping your agenda and showing up to truly worship the Goddess in a way she desires.

**One of the ways I enjoy being worshiped is a delicate massage of the feet, back, body, scalp, hair combing, feeding with fruit or chocolate, berries, beautifully scented natural soy candles, stones, bottles of wine.**


Please Note

There will not be No {kissing, sucking, fingering of my Yoni"

NO FULL SERVICE (oral, vaginal, anal)!"} 


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