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The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam and is loosely translated as "Wand of Light." In Tantra or Sacred Sexuality, the Lingam is respectfully viewed and honored, as a "Wand of Light" that channels creative energy and pleasure. A big part of Sacred Sexuality is learning to love the penis and not be afraid of it.


According to the Taoist philosophy the lingam possesses reflex points (similar to the feet or ears) which, when properly stimulated, have an effect on the whole organ. This allows the massage to take on healing as well as sexual aspects.     Men can learn to choose if and when to ejaculate, how to separate orgasm from
ejaculation and how to direct Sexual Qi throughout their body. This learning
often requires a willingness to change at a deep level.

Many men have unfortunately never experienced feelings of such intensity. The sexual energy is dispersed to the last pore all over the body and then built on. In this way a man can experience an orgasm with his whole body, opening whole new dimensions of sexuality. The effect can last for 3-7 days or much longer time.


Tantra is all about moving the energy in your body increasing it for healing, pleasure, and spiritual purposes, and Lingam Massage is no exception. It’s a way of greeting your soul.

A skillful giver will make sure that you’ll be able to relax fully and build up sexual energy that will expand and flow inside of you freely. This energy will be spread over your entire body and awaken magical moments of pleasure like you’ve never experienced before. Those moments can culminate into feelings of ecstasy and may touch your soul in earth-shattering ways.


Lingam Massage is not the same as a typical erotic massage with a happy ending. To be clear, the goal of this practice has nothing to do with ejaculation. On the contrary, receivers of authentic tantric Penis Massages usually don’t ejaculate.

Ejaculation is not the goal of the Lingam massage although it can be a pleasant and welcome side effect. The goal is to massage the Lingam, also including testicles, perineum and Sacred Spot (prostate) externally, or Internally allowing the man to surrender to a form of pleasure he may not be accustomed to.


Men need to learn to relax and receive.  The Lingam Massage allows the man to experience his softer, more receptive side and experience pleasure without pressure to reciprocate.


Beginning the Massage


Have him lie face down and begin giving him a full body massage. After about 10 minutes, ask him to turn over, and then continue the massage. Advance the massage slowly toward the inner thighs and pelvis until he is breathing deeply from his belly and his body is fully relaxed.

Then, as a show of respect for his male power, ask permission to touch his Lingam. Simply ask, "May I touch your Lingam?" or, if he is more familiar with Tantric terms, "May I touch your Wand of Light?" If he gives you permission, pour a small quantity of massage oil or water-based lubricant on his Lingam and testicles. Rub the oil or lubricant into his skin, beginning at the top of the inner thighs and moving into the crease where his legs meet the pelvis floor. Using slow, steady motions. work along the connecting bone and muscles, releasing tension as you go.

Next, massage above the Lingam, on the pubic bone. Rock your hand over this place, feeling the bone beneath the muscle and skin. Then, move on to the scrotum, gently pulling and kneading his testicles. You will need to pay very close attention to his responses here and encourage him to tell you what is just right for him. Some men can't stand to have their testicles touched at all, while others enjoy stronger handling. Start gently and slowly add pressure, rather than the other way around.

From his testicles, move your hand down to massage his perineum, sometimes called the "sacred spot." Locate the small indentation, about the size of a dime, halfway between the testicles and anus. You can use downward strokes from his Lingam to his anus or a circular motion. Circle and pull at the tissues and gently push inward on the spot with your finger. Since the spot may feel painful at first


Start with Lingam Chakras to make the first stroke unforgettable and is often the best stroke for the receiver,

as he’s been building up to the moment when you first lay your hands on his Lingam.  You can begin with the sensual, grounding stroke of Lingam Chakras to slowly awaken the penis. Start from the root of the shaft.

Gently press the penis with your thumbs and index fingers, and then release. Move up about a centimeter and repeat the technique. Do this again until you’ve worked your way up the entire length of the receiver’s penis. slide the hand back down the shaft and repeat.

Massage the head of the Lingam as if you are using an orange juicer like motion with your fingers. Next put all your fingers together so that there touching the thumb (resembles a flower) start at the tip of the lingam and gently slide the fingers over the head then back up.

If uncircumcised Your left hand gently stretches the foreskin down along the shaft of the flaccid

or erect penis. Your right thumb and index finger form a snug circle just below the head of the penis
and rotate in a clockwise direction as far as your wrist permits. Continuing the movement, lift your right thumb
so that your index finger can maintain contact in the rotation until the thumb can form a circle
with the index finger again. Repeat this circling several times.

You can supercharge the pleasure your partner feels with this next move. Hold the sides of the Lingam with both of your hands and “ski” with your thumbs by alternating up and down from the root of the penis all the way to the tip. Experiment here with different speeds and amounts of pressure.

Use your thumb or index finger massage all around the head in circular motions.

Blow Their Mind with the Screwdriver this stroke can provide the receiver with some interesting sensations. Surround the lingam with both hands and twist them in opposite directions. Keep a firm grip, but don’t squeeze too hard here.

Make an Unforgettable Impression by Greeting the Frenulum now, change up the tempo of the massage by slowing down and moving into a meditative moment. Circle the tip of your thumb and index finger in both directions around the frenulum of the penis, which is located just underneath the head. Go slowly, move with purpose, and be present so you can watch the magic unfold.

Rub the penis between both palms, as if rubbing two sticks together to create fire. Be sure to use plenty of oil.

Worship Them with the Crossed Prayer by holding your hands with crossed fingers like you would in a gesture of prayer, and surround the penis between them. Then, you can open the thumbs and slide them along each side of the Lingam up and down at varying speeds.

Your right thumb along with your index and perhaps middle fingers encircle the scrotum
between the base of the penis and the testicles. (Be careful not to squeeze the testicles.)
now move the scrotum up and down as your left-hand strokes up and down on the flaccid or erect penile shaft.
Vary the amount of pressure of your right hand against the base of the penis.

Take the penis in one hand and gently, sensuously caress it for about ten seconds, then give it one quick
up-and-down stroke. Repeat the sensuous caressing for about ten seconds (perhaps using slow up-and-down strokes), and then give the penis two quick up-and-down strokes. Repeat the caressing, then give three quick strokes, etc


The Lingam may or may not go soft as you perform this technique.  You will probably find that it will get hard, then go soft, get hard again, etc., which is a highly desirable Tantric experience, like riding a wave.

If it appears that the receiver is going to ejaculate, back off, allowing the Lingam to soften a little before resuming the massage. Do this several times, coming close to ejaculation, and then backing off. It is important to remember that the goal is not orgasm in and of itself.  Eventually, ejaculatory mastery will allow you to make love as long as you want and you can become multi-orgasmic without losing a drop of semen. Orgasm and ejaculation are two different responses that you can learn to separate.


The Sacred Spot

Find and massage the male Sacred Spot. The external sacred spot there is a small indentation about the size of a pea or maybe larger midway between the testicles and anus. Be gentle and push inward. He will feel the pressure deep inside and it may be uncomfortable at first.  You can massage his Lingam with your right hand and massage his Sacred Spot with your left hand.

Try pushing in on this spot when he nears ejaculation. The man may have strong emotions come up during access to the Sacred Spot... You, the giver, are creating a place of trust and intimacy.


Ending the Massage

When he feels completely relaxed and breathing normally, gently remove your hands from his lingam and sacred spot, cover him and keep him warm. Most importantly, allow him to rest quietly for at least ten minutes.


Then you can talk to each other, quietly abut the experience, Hold each other, lightly stroke the hair and skin as you connect.







​Benefits of a Lingam massage


One of the primary benefits of the massage is to obtain better control of your sexual energy and your sex drive.


1)  After several sessions the recipient will be able to prolong ejaculation.

2) Solve sex related problems such as premature ejaculation

3) Improve blood circulation for a better firmer erection.

4) Better control over internal energy.

5)develope an understanding of Male Kegel exercises

6) Improved erectile disfunction or Delayed ejaculation

Lingam massage also supports the healing process of:


Low sex drive

Fear of intimacy

Difficulties with touch

Fear of being physically close to a woman or man

“Inability” to feel, give or receive love

The inability to feel safe in one’s own skin

Lack of trust in relationships



It invites into a relationship with another:


An ability to trust

A willingness to be vulnerable

An ability to surrender

A connection of rich depth & unity

Nourishing & satisfying sex for the mind, body & soul

It allows a wide range of orgasms & climatic experiences never tasted before, for the man to immerse himself into for personal exploration of his body & masculinity ~ revealing, deepening & expanding his sensuality & sexuality


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