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from me, Diane

&  Natuka, Bailey


I am  54 yrs old, 5'1   Small B.B.W (150-160 lb) with shoulder-length hair

and sparkling hazel eyes. 

I am of Native American Cree/Ojibwa, Irish, Scottish, English, Italian and German descent.


Proud Mother of 3 Grown Boys 


I am hard of hearing, I do wear hearing aids. I do use Some Sign Language, 

I am still learning American Sign Language in classes 1 night a week.

as well as keeping in practice via the web at

I also have Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

{Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) is a condition characterized by

increased intracranial pressure (pressure around the brain) without a detectable cause.}

which I don't let stop me from living my life to the fullest.


I  have a Large  Black lab, x King Shepherd, as a service dog.(Natuka)

Bailey is a rescued Golden Retriever


I am a positive person and look at life's challenges as lessons from which we can grow,

 learn and become stronger.

 I  follow my Native American Maskihkîwiyiniw / Medwinequas (Medicine Woman)

Teachings in regards to my life, Spirituality, and work. 

Which I started learning at the age of 6 yrs old till I was 25 and became a full-fledged

Maskihkîwiyiniw / Medwinequas (Medicine Woman)  herbal

and Spiritual healer, lore keeper, storyteller, dancer and singer, and Drummer.


I  have a College background in  Massage Therapy, Passive Manual Stretching

and Aroma Therapy, Sociology, Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, 

was Taught Tantra for 4 yrs  in Ottawa


I believe passion is probably one of the most important dimensions of human composition – without that, we are left without those dreams and aspirations that keep us going.


Wisdom is deep, profound, simple, and true.

It has passed the test of time.

However, I share the wisdom of being aware of the cosmic

connection not only with each other but with all life and spirit.

I focus on healing wounds and bringing peace through good feelings, not fear.

I try very hard to

” walk lightly upon the Earth and live in balance and honor"


 I  practice ancient medicine woman / shamanistic roots that still bear the spiritual threads of deep connection to the divine in all things since the age of 25. Following the spiritual perspective, I seek to be in relationships with the spirit in all things.  As a Medwinequas/ shaman I am therefore a specific type of healer who uses an alternate state of consciousness to enter the invisible world, which is made up of all unseen aspects of the world that affect us, including the spiritual, emotional, mental, mythical,  and dream worlds.

My mission is intended to inspire all relations, regardless of their origin or belief, who share my love and respect for the shared wisdom of the Laws of Nature of the Spirit of the Land and are searching for their own experience and Truth. Shamanistic healing involves helping people see how their emotional patterns manifest in physical reality and then helping them realign with the more holistic patterns of universal consciousness.  "looking into the Spiritual Mirror."



More about me

I grew up in the country 6 miles from Merrickville, North Augusta, Eastons Corners ON. 

I had a fantastic childhood

we had a small farm, chickens, goats, horses, bunnies, a few cows, we always saw wolves and foxes playing in the fields across the highway in the winter,

heard the loons and cranes in the summertime, gathered wild apples and left them for the deer.

On lazy summer days, I would watch the hawks and eagles soar through the sky.

I also loved skinny dipping in a very secluded pond.


In terms of my sexual orientation... I am ‘Bisexual.  I am comfortable with my sexuality and fluid in my ability to enjoy intimate touch with both men and women.  I do, however, have different boundaries with men than I do with women, simply based on my own natural instincts.   


Among my activities are bits of hiking, camping, exploring open spaces, and using my senses (not the ones referred to as "common") optimally – like smelling lemon balm, the wetness of the earth and freshly cut grass, tasting the sweet in-between sour.   


My inspiration to coach comes from my courage of transforming my personal history of sexual abuse, shame, and guilt into a liberating sexual awakening.

  I'm adaptable, transparent, and enjoy times in the rugged outdoors as much as I do the comforts of my haven and great music.   

 I'm keen on animals, as I have pets cats and 2 Dog (Gizzy(23 yrs), Cos(23 yrs), Lynx(10 yrs), and Ghost(13 yrs), are my cats   Natuka(11 yrs) is my service dog .) Bailey is 1 yr old

 I love moments that offer beauty in art, people, nature, words, and actions. Huge trees, fireplaces, the moon, stars, bonfires, thunderstorms, rural places, and their people, long stretched-out roads all fascinate me with their mystique and the many stories they carry.

If only they could tell! 



 My Pictures

More personal pictures by accessing the link below




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