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Saturday Nights  7 pm -9 pm

There is no nudity or sexual contact in these courses.

This is a clothes-on class, of which is led within your boundaries of consent and comfort levels with respect, honor, and trust with YOURSELF first and reciprocally with fellow attendees. You may engage at whatever level you see/feel yourself called to.

Come with a partner or as a single! This workshop is designed for the LGBTQ community. In many Tantra teachings, there is a myth that Tantra can only be experienced with a man and a woman. Let me guide you into experiencing what Tantra is - UNIVERSAL LOVE!

This workshop allows you to explore and open up to your partner, meet new friends, connect with them on the soul level and leave your inhibitions behind. It will guide you to open your heart to love. Tantra is the balance between the masculine and feminine energies that reside within all our bodies. In these classes, we will explore the energy of Tantra, how we can deepen our connection with each other, explore soul connection, connect your body and mind. via spirituality develop the harmony and balance between your masculine and feminine.   We will explore any blocks that we have embracing this beautiful energy. We will move through various Tantric exercises.

Tantra, most of the practices are about balancing and uniting the masculine and feminine essence within our own selves, which means that we would potentially have 50% masculine and 50% feminine energy if we choose and do the right practices. This can lead to the state of the androgyny, as you can see when you look at pictures of Paramahamsa Yogananda, . The famous Ardhaneshvara in the Indian tradition is an image that is half Shiva, half Shakti or half male, half female.

What we are going to explore

  • Mindful intention

  • Sensual Meditation

  • Body awareness through light yoga

  • Chakras dance session

  • Balancing Masculine and Feminine energies 

  • Negotiating sexual boundaries and/or relationship redefinition.

  • Gaining confidence around body images or low sexual self-esteem.

  • Improving body image to deepen your relationships with yourself and others

  • Balancing the JOY of giving and receiving

  • Exploring the HEALING Power of Pleasure

  •  Genital Massage Techniques  – The Basics; Demo is done on artificial devices


Let me serve you with an explanation of what feminine and masculine looks like

Immature Masculine ­– Competitive, Separation, Egocentric, Self-serving, Boisterous, Arrogant, Emotionally detached, motivated by self-serving interests, insecure, identifies with material possessions.


Mature Masculine – Present, Man on a mission, Heart-centered, focused, determined, Seeks collaboration & community, motivation for mission is for the highest good of humanity, emotionally intelligent.


Immature Feminine– Bitchy, Gossipy, Jealous of other women, Needs validation from external sources, low self-worth, egocentric, seductive – uses sexuality to manipulate others and get attention.


Mature Feminine – Present, nurturing, empowering of other women, surrendered and fluid, emotionally intelligent, self-fulfilled and oozing self-love, sensual, confident in sexual energy, motivated by heart & what will be of benefit to others, whole.


Everyone can shift from masculine to feminine perspective because everyone has both. Acknowledging that in a couple, there has to be polarity in order to keep the attraction, the 'sparkle'. Example "For a successful relationship of two gay men, one of them still has to have a masculine perspective, masculine energy of radiating focus, motivation. It allows the other person in a relationship to be held and have space to express the other side which is nurturing, fluid."


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