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Sex Education




Friday Nights  7 pm -9 pm

There is no nudity or sexual contact in these courses.

This is a clothes-on class, of which is led within your boundaries of consent and comfort levels with respect, honor, and trust with YOURSELF first and reciprocally with fellow attendees. You may engage at whatever level you see/feel yourself called to.

It explores values and beliefs about those topics and helps people gain the skills that are needed to navigate relationships with self, partners, and community, and manage one’s own sexual health


What we are going to explore


  • anatomy, sexual orientation, and gender identity

  • Personal skills, including communication, boundary setting, negotiation, and decision-making

  • Sexual health, including sexually transmitted infections, birth control, pregnancy,

  • Society and culture, including shame and stigma, and how power, identity, and oppression impact sexual wellness and reproductive freedom

  • Road map to intimacy

  • Solving Premature Ejaculation

  • Solving Erectile Dysfunction

  • Menstural cycle wellness

  • understanding sexual Orientation

  • Libido and Desire

  • Learn to Touch: Connecting through Physical Touch

  • Overcoming Vaginismus? Vulvadynium: Understanding Vulva and Vaginal pain and overcoming issues with penetration

  • Male Pelvic Pain: Managing pain around the penis

  • Sex after Andro/Menopaus: trive in your sexuality

  • Mindful intention

  • Negotiating sexual boundaries and/or relationship redefinition.

  • Gaining confidence around body images or low sexual self-esteem.

  • Improving body image to deepen your relationships with yourself and others

  • Balancing the JOY of giving and receiving

  • Exploring the HEALING Power of Pleasure

  • how to use sex toys alone or with a partner

  • talk about kinks and BDSM

  • Desigmatising STD's & STI's

  •  Genital Massage Techniques  – The Basics; Demo is done on artificial devices



Everyone can shift from masculine to feminine perspective because everyone has both. Acknowledging that in a couple, there has to be polarity in order to keep the attraction, the 'sparkle'. Example "For a successful relationship of two gay men, one of them still has to have a masculine perspective, masculine energy of radiating focus, motivation. It allows the other person in a relationship to be held and have space to express the other side which is nurturing, fluid."


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