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You are my guest and I invite you into my sacred space



Pre-Booking is essential as demands are high.

**Please do not haggle My rates.  My services FAR exceed my donation amount


I provide a safe place to relax completely and shed your deepest buried tension. 

It balances the body and stimulates natural healing processes.

Feel better, live longer, and boost immunity and inner vitality.

I am sure many enjoy surprise and mystery but knowing what to expect before the experience will allow you to confidently take pleasure in massage.

Booking Policies


**When scheduling an appointment, please give me at least a 2 - 24-hour notice.

** Please contact me from your own personal cell or email, not a private number.

**For a private appointment, it is best to email or text between 8:00 am – 9:30 am to see what is available for that day or the following day, there is a schedule posted for viewing under the contact heading which can make bookings easier.  I book on a first-call, first-serve basis.

** I Do not respond after 9 pm leave a message and I will get back to you by 9 am

** If you are unavoidably late, up to 10 min I have no problem extending your session to the full session length as long as there is no other appointment scheduled too closely after you. Otherwise, we will need to finish the session at the original time to honour the next appointment.

**If you wish to extend your session, I am happy to do so as long as I do not have another appointment right after. Your extended session donation will be discussed and is due at the end of the session.

**I will take a few minutes at the beginning of our session to discuss boundaries, intentions

as well as any questions you may have.


Cancellation Policy


Cancelling your session requires at least 4-24 HOURS' notice.

If you are more than10 min late without contacting me you will be considered a no show

NO SHOWS are not tolerated, and will not be accepted as a client!!!!

Can I claim you on my medical benefits? 

In simple terms, NO I am not registered as a massage or sex therapist. There are strict rules about nudity and sexual touch that must be adhered to in order to maintain a license in ON. It is unlikely that anyone "in the system" would risk having their license revoked by doing Tantric intimate touch. I can provide receipts for my service, however,

you will not be able to claim them as an RMT expense. 


Please advise if you have any health issues that I need to be aware of such as breathing problems, STD/STIs, heart problems, diabetes, injuries, mental health concerns, or previous sexual trauma that needs to be discussed prior to the session.

Forms of payment accepted


I accept cash, e-Transfer, PayPal


PayPal @medwinequas


Every boundary is discussed before it is crossed. Honouring each other's and my own boundaries is an essential part of learning Sacred Sexuality.  As we focus on full and deep surrender which requires your full attention without distraction.

 I do NOT offer any form of intercourse, oral sex, or kissing.  I accept a light mutual touch but do not allow touching of my vagina or anus. 

I will not accept anything invasive/aggressive. I am happy to receive a light mutual touch and can often find it re-energizing! But please respect my boundaries- If you do not respect or try to push my boundaries the session will be terminated without a refund.

Our time together is not to be mistaken as the beginning of any other form of relationship.

I am your professional Tantric Therapist and Intimacy/Sexual Counselor/Confidante.

Couples Who Come for Tantra

No, You can not Have Sex of any kind during or after the tantric massage

in my sacred space, this is for learning how to give and receive pleasure only!




All seekers are welcomed regardless of experience level, racial background, gender identification, sexual orientation, Size, or Age.

I highly encourage you to contact other

bodyworkers/teachers/Dakinis/Dakas to ensure the best fit for you.

Your personal development path is paramount and is an investment in yourself.




Your Goddess loves to receive gifts, although this is absolutely not expected or needed, I highly appreciate it! ♥




  • Use gloves and sanitary practices for all internal bodywork, male and female.  

  • Condoms are used with every toy.

  • All Equipment used is sanitized.


I reserve the right to refuse service or terminate a session at any time if I believe the guest's

behavior violates My boundaries or is harmful to my interests.

I reserve the right to end the session and tell you to leave if your behavior is unacceptable.

When you reach me with the intent to work together, you therefore understand and agree that: Money exchanged in legal personal services for this appointment, for my time, companionship, and coaching with you.


My services are not offers of escort services;  no fees will ever be accepted for that kind of illegal activity!.

Please Note

I'll politely give you at least two warnings before telling you to leave.





By law, I am required to state that I am not a medical doctor, the information presented here is for education purposes only, and My advice is not meant to be replaced for medical diagnosis and/or treatment by your doctor.

This website is run by a Certified Massage Practitioner/ Tantrica and Ojibwa-Cree Medicine woman The statements made on this blog and website represent My view of the world given our unique set of life experiences. These are truths as I see and understand the world at the time the words were written. Statements here have not been evaluated by the FDA and are meant for educational purposes only.

I cannot guarantee successful outcomes. Your health is your responsibility.!

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