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Tantric Couples Massage Session.



In a tantric couples massage to learn how the deep relaxation and sensual pleasure in the massage can increase the erotic attraction and mutual love in your relationship.  Enjoy a cup of tea in a warm, relaxed atmosphere, as we start out with a talk, you and the practitioner together, about what you feel you are lacking or what you would like to develop in your relationship. candidly discuss all desires which may be anticipated during the session. You will have the opportunity to hear about tantra and what tantra can do to keep the love and affection vibrant in your relationship, and to enhance the level of presence and intimacy in your everyday life. When everyone feels comfortable with one another the session may begin.

    I will now invite you to enter the inner sanctum of my sacred space. I will help each of you to disrobe in preparation of the tantric massage.  Observing your partner being aroused by tantric massage means you can both learn new ways of pleasuring each other. For instance, I would highly suggest couples who want to expand their sexual knowledge to try a body-to-body massage, in which skin-to-skin contact is made to provide a wonderful erotic feeling. You can watch as your partner is being pleasured, learn new skills and explore them in your own home.   I will be demonstrating various techniques such as lingam and yoni massage on both of the partners, alternating my attention so that one partner may observe. The other partner will also have the opportunity to join in and practice. In this rotating manner, first one partner, then the other will have to chance to be either the receiver or assistant.  

  After the massage, you and your partner may ask questions and I will tell you how you can proceed on the Tantric path together. You may also receive exercises to practice at home, and you will have the chance to, privately, exchange experiences with one another. The couple may practice these newly discovered techniques on one another, as often as they might desire.

Would you and your partner like too know more, too be inspired, and help to rekindle the attraction to one another again, to feel more intimacy and love again? I look forward to seeing you and helping you bring more understanding, love, pleasure, happiness, and intimacy into your everyday lives.


When at home  ask your Partner “How would you like your body touched?” How do you like to have an orgasm? How may I touch you? Are there places on your body that you do not want me to touch?” Ask your partner to show you how they would like their genitals to be touched.


I am here only to create an atmosphere for you where I can give you inspiration, knowledge and to help you deepen the love and attraction for each other.

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