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Beginners Tantric Sex Techniques



The following exercises will help reconnect you with your body and with your partner in a profound way.

As you move through these 3 basic steps, do not make intercourse the ultimate goal!. Instead, simply enjoy giving and receiving pleasure using a gentle touch and loving words.

Communicate with your lover to discover what he or she finds most arousing.

Try to spend several weeks practicing Tantric Intimacy Exercises without necessarily engaging in intercourse. For many, experiencing these erotic exercises with no pressure to “go all the way” helps release sexual guilt, builds trust and reawakens sexual desire.



Begin your journey with a ritual.

This may be something as simple as sharing a glass of wine in the nude or feeding each other pieces of fruit dipped in chocolate. Some couples enjoy showering together in order to attune to each other.
Take time to wash each other with loving care. Water relaxes the body and is a symbol of sexuality.  

Massaging each other is also an excellent way to fuse your energies. Or, dance, play, listen to music,

work on developing new intimacy skills.

Most importantly, use this time to communicate, sharing what you adore about each other.

This is to help each partner feel loved and cherished.

In order to fully focus on each other (rather than on the goal of sex), some lovers experiment with various intimate rituals

for several weeks before moving on to the next steps

This is a perfect way to strengthen the bonds of love and ignite passion.

Harmonize your breathing.

“Conscious breathing can be a powerful aid in sexual growth,”

Breathing exercises also quiet the mind and help you focus on each other.

Sit quietly, cross-legged, facing each other. Rest your hands on your knees with your palms facing up.

As you gaze into your partner’s eyes, take soft, but deep breaths. Keep your eyes open, gazing beyond the eyes, into the soul.

Although this may feel awkward at first, sustained eye contact is essential for building intimacy.

Now,  Begin to breath at the same pace, bringing air slowly in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

Maintain eye contact while you breathe together.

Practice this exercise until you can sustain eye contact and harmonized breathing for about 10 minutes.

Then, you may move into the next exercise.

Experiment with an erotic touch to fully appreciate your partner.

This most pleasurable practice will help you become better lovers. Although you should continue to maintain eye contact, don’t worry about keeping your breath synchronized.  Guide your partner as you take turns stimulating each other. Describe exactly how you would like to be touched.

Share your desires in an encouraging way, making requests in a clear and loving manner.

For example, ask your lover to caress your erogenous zones, encouraging him or her to apply more or

less pressure, to stroke in a specific pattern, to use the tongue, etc.

Thank your lover and let him or her know with words or sounds that you are enjoying this sensual touch.

Once you become comfortable with this process,  create a “pleasure chest.”

Include whatever excites you and your partner—a feather, fake fur, vibrators, massage oil, blindfold, soft fabrics,

erotica and loving notes to each other are just a few ideas.

As you pleasure each other, don’t be shy about asking for something different.

This is your time for appreciation, experimentation and for

taking responsibility for your own fulfillment by asking for what you want!!.

From here, you may wish to embark on your own erotic journey.

Create amorous adventures together, exploring new and creative ways to awaken each other’s bodies and minds.


Then, you will be ready for Tantric lovemaking.

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