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The Colors Of Tantra




   The word Tantra means the loom that life is woven on or Life's unbroken continuity the circle. It is based on this belief: all is One in the Divine mystery of Existence, and the Divine is the ultimate joy, freedom, harmony, and the highest beauty of all. Tantra is about using the body's, senses, sexuality, and feelings to enhance spiritual evolution.


This ancient spiritual path encourages us to surrender to what is. In this moment, – in every moment, – what IS?. Tantra is about finding increased relaxation, acceptance, and pleasure in the body, mind, emotions, spirit, and sex, so you wake up and appreciate the miracle of life and treat each moment with reverence.


Tantra has been around for thousands of years and continues to evolve as Eastern philosophy meets Western psychology. Allow me to guide you toward the shade of Tantra that suits you. I will describe 5 paths of Tantra. Each path is represented by a color.


White Tantra is a spiritual path of Tantra which incorporates meditation, breathwork, sounds, and postures. It is the upper two chakras; the third eye and the crown chakra, which seem to get all the conscious attention. These are the energy centers that connect with our intuition and spirituality. It is a spiritual practice using a mantra in meditation, mudras sometimes while looking or meditating on a yantra.   White Tantra is primarily a solo practice between you and spirit. Although this is a solo practice, White Tantra does acknowledge relationships as having merit. The various people who come into our lives are said to provide us with a mirror to help us learn and grow.  

Chanting changes your brain waves from erratic to congruent, therefore soothing the body chemistry and causing you to feel calm, grounded and focused.

Mudra translated from Sanskrit literally means seal. Mudras regulate the five elements in the body. As we have five fingers, there are also five elements. Using mudras can heal the body. Your own health is literally in your own hands. 

    1. Thumb - fire    2. Index - air      3. Middle - ether or space    4. Ring -  earth    

5. Pinky - water 

A hand mudra can heal the body, help you become focused and grounded.

A mudra is best used in a sitting position.


Red Tantra is primarily a practice that you do with your partner. The union between you and your beloved is seen as a form of god and goddess worship that creates not only a bond with your partner but a bridge or connection to the divine god and goddess. You and your partner come together to make love using Tantric Rituals, you join the body, heart, mind, and spirit. All of the chakras or energy centers of the body are involved in the connection.

Red Tantra is known for luxurious lovemaking sessions that last for hours, ideally leading to multiple, full-body orgasms… with or without ejaculation.

From a sacred shower to clean sheets, mindfulness is at the core of Tantric practice. The focus is on giving and receiving pleasure. The true purpose of Tantric Sex is to expand your consciousness and achieve higher awareness.

  1. Let go of expectations. Experience and Enjoy.

  2. Ask and Appreciate your partner. Before touching your partner ask, can I Touch you here or there? This honors your partner especially if it is the woman being asked. Appreciate your partner for who they are.

  3. Know your own body and what you like, where your pleasure points are. The better a woman knows her body, the more connected and present she will be. When you know your own body you are able to describe what you want.

  4. Slow down. Breathe. Connect. 

  5. Engage all the senses. clean soft sheets, candlelight, fresh fruit, chocolate, scents, oil, music, all will heighten your experience.

  6. Open Your Eyes. Making eye contact and staying present. When your eyes are open you are looking into your lover's eyes and they are seeing into yours. Love-making is so much more intense when you are looking at each other, watching their expressions and really seeing them.

  7. Open Your Mouth and Breathe! Slow breaths, continuously like in Yoga, will move the pleasure throughout the entire body, rather than keeping the sexual energy focused on the genitals. This slow steady breath helps to keep the kundalini energy moving, spreading throughout the body rather than getting stuck in one place.

  8. Say Thank you. 



Pink Tantra refers to a heart-centered path of tantra that blends many of the elements of White Tantra with some aspects of Red Tantra. Within the path of Pink Tantra, all of the chakras are acknowledged. However, there seems to be an emphasis on opening the heart chakra and healing the heart. Compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness for others and for our self-care. Pink Tantra teaches us to cultivate love without attachment, or expectation.

Pink Tantra provides techniques and practices to help you heal from past heartaches, to improve your overall feeling of an emotionally balanced life and to connect with your true self. Pink Tantra recognizes the importance of polarity between masculine and feminine energy. 



Black Tantra is a path of tantra that incorporates magic and is clouded in mystery. Some have compared this path of Tantra to the black magic of voodoo. Black Tantrikas are often feared in India.  Integrity and discretion are extremely important to the successful practice of Black Tantra. If this magical Tantra is what you are seeking, it is possible to find it if you persevere, and are willing to follow the protocols of your teacher, but it tends to be a lot harder to find than the other types of Tantra. Black Tantra is utilized for thought projection and altering mental reality through various techniques.



Dark Tantra is a fusion of Tantric Sex and BDSM. Basically, Dark Tantra seems to be a secular sexual practice that doesn't have much to do with the spiritual practices of Tantra. I can imagine that this could be true for some individuals who are on a path of exploring their "shadow" or seeking to sink deeper into trust and surrender.

There is now an unprecedented percentage of the world population who are choosing to no longer ignore they are sexual beings. They are making their sexual rights, a valid part of who they are. People are deciding their personal sexuality deserves as much care, education, expression and nourishment as their physical, emotional, rational and spiritual needs.

The problem is, human sexuality, is highly complex, nuanced, and mysterious. For the most part, these aspects of our personal sexuality, have been ignored, repressed, vilified, outlawed, and hidden from view in most ways in most cultures. Will we find our sexual truth of the newly visible portals of Sacred-Sexuality, Tantra, Taoist, Fetish/Kink, Polyamory, Trans/CD/TV, Bi-Sexuality, Celibacy, or some combination of them?

I feel that both Fetish and Sacred Sexuality are two of the most important and emerging aspects of our sexuality that are gaining prominent expression in the world can be important in learning about, safely exploring, and engaging in your deepest sexual truths. It is an empowering and healing journey. BDSM world is one of the most systematic, developed bodies of expertise in creating high energy level, flow, expansion - but mostly in the first 3 chakras or energy centers in the human body.

1st chakra: at your perineum (between genitals and anus) - where life energy enters the body, up from the Earth. It deals with life/death, pleasure/pain, survival

2nd chakra: at your genitals. It deals with sexual pleasure, sensuality, eroticism, reproduction, masculine/feminine polarity.

3rd chakra: at your abdomen. It deals with power, "guts", will - and their opposites (acceptance, surrender, devotion).

Where tantra comes in is to show us how to take all that great, powerful energy that we've stimulated in the first 3 chakras in our BDSM play, and raise it through the remaining 4 chakras - bringing it to its natural conclusion or completion. 

This means that it has all the benefits of a tantric sensual experience, but also includes the ‘dark' fetish massage techniques of your choosing. Tantric energies are released through many different optional fetishes which can range from the light tie and tease fun, to more specialist submission and domination acts.

There is a wide range of dark tantric sexual fetishes that can be included in a session. Here are some popular dark tantric fetishes that might inspire your imagination:

candle wax dripping submission & domination Bondage (BDSM)

Sensory Deprivation spanking & whipping Electro Play(violet wand)

My Tantric Path is an eclectic one However when it comes to what I teach it appears to fit most closely into the category of Pink Tantra. I do use some aspects of White Tantra, such as meditation and breath-work. I also introduce the teachings of Red Tantra, to the couples who come to see me.


 My modalities of choice are love and light which resonates well with the heart-centered practice of Pink Tantra.  I incorporate some aspects of "sensation play" into my sessions. Do you desire the bliss of merging with the divine mystery, in a state of transcendent, ecstatic, universal love, or would you rather feel captured, preyed-upon, taken, dominant, predatory, slutty, wild, perverse or primitive? Can you go both ways? Is one path right, and one wrong? Have you ever thought about your sexuality in these terms before?

These are relevant and complex questions for anyone seeking to finally get real about who they are sexually. These questions seldom get examined in much depth. But they could become quite relevant. 

More and more men and women are being exposed to freedom and opportunity for sexual exploration that neither they nor any previous generations have ever faced before.

Real Tantra was about asking these questions: How big am I, how vast, how 'divine'? How much life force can I conduct, how much energy, awareness, pleasure/pain, ecstasy can I handle?


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