Thursdays 7 pm till 9 pm
There is no nudity or sexual contact in these courses.

​A man’s presence and power has an amazing effect on women only if he remains like a rock and confident in his own certainty and strength.

Men revere them, they see all women as goddesses. It is this aspect that is most crucial in understanding the Tantric approach to the divine.

Which weaves the Tantric principles of life, To weave light, form, and sound together with
presence, mindful awareness, relaxation and focus.  Nourishing and cultivating confidence, compassion, acceptance, connection, the holding of sacred space(safety), healing, wonder, curiosity, playfulness, sexual passion, love, and joy!


Have you ever questioned your masculine confidence or felt disconnected from your manhood?

Perhaps you found yourself unsure of how to truly connect and show your intimate side in relationships?

Maybe you are struggling with bringing lasting love and intimacy into your life?

  • Feeling strong and confident within and fully present to yourself

  • Freed up from unsupported beliefs that keep you from getting what you want in love, sex and the rest of your life

  • Mastering your sexual life force energy to turbocharge your physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being

  • Tapped into the source of your masculine creative spark so you can express yourself more powerfully

  • Experiencing a balance of your masculine-feminine polarity to navigate more effectively and compassionately in your relationships

  • Be introduced to tantric practices and conversations that matter to men

  •  Blast through blocks to bliss.

  •  Expand your sensual and sexual awareness

  •  Cultivate greater energy, vitality and life force

  •  Release and transmute old energy, shame, blame and/or trauma

  •  Connect authentically with your desires, needs, and self-love

  •  Deepen your relating with compassionate communication

  •  Embody your Divine Feminine energy; receptivity/intuition

  •  Embrace your Divine Masculine energy; drive/focus/action

  •  Cultivate conscious sexuality and confidence in all areas of your life

  •  Embrace the possibilities of the multi-orgasmic state

  • Awaken and celebrate your creative sensual self-expression

  • Last longer and tap into your Sexual Healing Energy

  • Deep Intimacy with the Art of Adoration Ritual

  • Feminine & Masculine Core & Complimentary Essences

  • Semen Retention Practice for Vigor/Vitality