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 Tantric Rediscovery of Your Womb after Hysterectomy



What Is A Hysterectomy?

A standard hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus and the cervix leaving the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

A supracervical hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus above the cervix keeping the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

A hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (the removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes on both sides), removes the uterus, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

     No matter a woman’s age having a hysterectomy can be an emotional experience. For many, it can bring up feelings of loss and fear. Loss of femininity, no longer being able to bear children, fear of diminished attractiveness. And it can bring up concerns about having sex: Will it be painful? Will I be able to enjoy it? Will I feel different to my partner? Will I even be interested in sex again?.    It’s true that having a hysterectomy can affect the way you feel about sex, but many women find that their sexual wellbeing actually improves after a hysterectomy. Without the constant pain from fibroids, endometriosis or other pelvic issues, many women are excited to start a new chapter in their sexual history.


      After healing myself from a hysterectomy back in December 2000,  I turned my attention to the myriad of ancient teachings that guides a woman towards their feminine essence by reconnecting to the sacred power of the womb.   This applies to all women everywhere, with or without a physical womb, I have spent the best part of twenty years studying physical and subtle human anatomy. 

     The Womb space is the original ‘seat’ that all-female Dakini's, Devi's, Yogini's, and Shamans they would meditate on. Not the third eye (that was for the men). Once tapped into the womb warms up physically as our attention rests in its domain. The womb is the original birthing system, the source of creativity – therefore it will be linked to a tremendous vortex of energy, that can never be severed, the  shakti (life-force) begins to sizzle and surge, re-awakening all the nadis and meridians (energy pathways) so we may rise up and into the heart with strong rooted foundations and a sense of earthly reality.  Resting deep within the woman’s womb rests the creative seed, the jewels, whereby our greatest gifts, the codes of our divine design, lay in gestation, awaiting our awakening and expression. Ultimately deeply connecting to your womb leads you to the womb of the Divine Mother, from whose womb all life is created.

​    Cycles and phases are part of what defines womanhood. More than any other earthly creature, our bodies run according to cycles and phases – whether it is the monthly cycle of menstruation or the life cycle of ‘mother-maiden-crone’.  All types of women could feel once again that they could re-connect to their femininity and could tangibly feel the surge of life-force coming from that place of great energy. For some women, it can be a blockage in energy centers caused by various things and just a need for more sexual expression, release, and liberation. For others, it can be healing needed after various relationships where bad energy was exchanged and dumped  (many times unintentionally as so many of our sacred masculine are tiered/hurt and in need of healing as well).


     Ignored and unacknowledged, our wounds keep us unconsciously trapped in self-preservation mode, in a perpetual state of emotional "fight or flight," leaving no surplus energy to access and develop our true potential. Many people live their entire lives hiding from or fighting off phantoms from their past, usually a form of rejecting or punishing mother or father, playing out the same scenarios over and over. This "repetition compulsion" is there for a reason, for us to have new opportunities to step out of the legitimate powerlessness of childhood and into the full maturity and power of conscious adulthood.

     As women in a physical body, we are most receptive through our sexual energy center; through our yoni (vagina) & womb. This occurs literally in lovemaking, but also energetically in everyday life. We, as women absorb so much through our sexual centers; without even realizing it as it is an unconscious flow of energy. If we hold blockages in our lower chakras; as a result of storing any dense energies such as fear, shame, guilt, abuse around sexuality; we cannot fully transmute energy that flows into us; into HEART energy.... and it will end up getting stuck in this powerful energy vortex.  Every time you have a painful experience & you choose not to feel a certain emotion you develop Armour around your heart & your sexual organs. This armor serves to protect you from feeling pain, but it also shuts down your ability to feel pleasure, excitement, and joy.


     Growth is like a spiral, with life presenting ever-new opportunities to make new empowered choices we were unable to make as children by virtue of the fact that we were children and had limited choices. As adults, we can find our will to make use of our expanded choices to heal and transform past trauma into a new consciousness that benefits not just ourselves but all of Life. Changes to our subtle body – our chakras and energetics systems – mirror many of the changes in our physical body. In spiritual traditions that work with the chakras, working with these changes is a big part of the transition into wise woman status – they are part of what enables a shift into a new spiritual perspective and skills. Specifically, it is during this time that we are guided to revisit any themes from earlier in our lives that we have left unexamined, or any wounds we have left unhealed.

    The Womb or Hara lives the 5 elements of the medicine wheel and we can dance and open each elemental energy to clear blockages and harmonize our body-mind and spirit. In the central heart of the spiral of Womb or Hara elemental energy lives the portal opening into infinite creative and passionate love. This is what could be called The Great Womb that birthed us all, a black hole portal that is also interconnected with the dark matter of the universe and it lives within us.  When these energies are awoken it creates a powerful bridge on the vertical axis between heaven (air) and earth which then the elements of fire and water can swirl up or down taking us on a  journey spirit unites the circle.


      My work is non-intrusive, professional and loving. I have been on this journey and I understand the importance of reminding women that a tremendous vortex of creative and healing energy sits within your womb space, despite having a full or part hysterectomy.  Using various forms of breathwork and guided shamanic meditation, body movement such as dance, kundalini yoga, I lead women through the sacred gates, starting from the vulva and the labia, through to the very center of the womb space. Each gate can harbor memories, emotions, feelings, and visuals from that woman’s life. Painful and suppressed emotions can be stored in the various parts of a woman’s vagina, which can lead to all types of serious physical and emotional problems.

     Feminine sensual body love. Learn to love your feminine body, by becoming sensual with yourself. Learn to touch your self the way you would love to be touched. Daily self-love body rituals like massaging your entire body with a delicious oil blend. Go one step further & take yourself to the bedroom & really make love to yourself. Explore your body & your yoni, like you are touching it for the first time. Infuse so much love into your hands (as they are the extension of your heart) & massage your yoni, really give this powerful & beautiful part of your body so much love. The more you know & love your own body & what she needs to feel safe & open up, the more you will know how to ask for what you want & how you wish to be touched by a lover, so all future experiences are honoring and tantric. Many men (not all), have no idea, so it is important for women to sexplore ourselves so we can guide them gently into what is most appropriate for us.



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