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What is the Tantric Approach to Premature Ejaculation?





I find that most man who experiences difficulties with premature ejaculation are really gifted with a tremendous degree of sensitivity in their ability to feel pleasurable sensations.

The problem lies in their fear of coming too soon and so they often try to remedy this by resisting “feeling too good”. Therefore premature ejaculation turns into a downward spiral, the more you try to control it, the less you are able to enjoy the pleasure. When this is the action that is taken it is something like, trying to hold back a tidal wave with your bare hands. the more a man tries to hold back, the more frustrating and defeating it becomes.

For many men the solution is to desensitize in order to not feel too much does not solve the problem. It simply diminishes the power and magnitude of the experience. You both deserve better than that!.


In the practices of tantric sex, one learns not to try and control this force, but rather how to relax and fully enjoy it, by making more space for it. Not limiting it, but rather expanding one’s capacity to enjoy the pleasures of sensual and sexual excitement. Tantra instills a nurturing environment in which you can feel confident that you won’t be judged for becoming extremely excited to the degree of losing control.

In fact, it encourages you to create a safe atmosphere that will support you in feeling comfortable enough to completely surrender to pleasure.

In Tantra,  There is no goal no expectations, all that truly matters is that you experience the loving exchange of pleasurable feelings with your partner.


Sex for a man at best, an excitement of feelings that builds into a single, explosive, ejaculatory orgasm. Even the most virile man can experience only a limited number of them, without feeling spent after the afterglow.

Tantra, on the other hand, teaches that ejaculation and orgasm are separate functions, orgasm is the intense feelings one experiences before ejaculation.


Our perceptions, thoughts, and actions, create our reality. The law of attraction tells us that what we resist persists and that our experiences are generated by where we place our attention, so if you focus on what you want, rather than getting lost in fears of what you do not want, then you will win!


Engage your thoughts in fully enjoying the beauty in the pleasures of your body and of life all around you. Give yourself permission, to enjoy to the richest extent that would allow you to feel aliveness and ecstasy, in a caress, a kiss or body to body contact without any objective.

When you’re in this sensual, poetic side of your sexuality, it’s often difficult to ejaculate. And you don’t want to because every movement produces great pleasure. On the scale of one to 10, it’s somewhere between seven and eight. a heavenly state. that which I call Tantra Heaven!

Focusing your mind on the beautiful pleasures your body is feeling through breathing. receiving. expressing your joy, your body naturally and spontaneously dances in bliss.

When the body, mind, and spirit is stimulated Tantrickly, during sex, it awakens a continuous stream of pleasurable feelings. The body is in a deep state of relaxation with little to no anxiety or pressure. Instead, you feel continuous connectedness to the divine source within you.  And when you are filled with love for the divine, your love is divine.

Here you feel a liberating state of continued bliss that can last for as long as you can relax and receive. This may seem a bit difficult to comprehend with your mind – it is really meant to be experienced. That is why working with a trained Tantrica can be very beneficial to help you experience yourself and your sexuality in a whole new way!

 Once you are connected and filled from within, then you learn to drive the power of your passions, instead of being driven by them. You are able to balance your passions by consciously steering orgasms; seductively in slow, sensual movements.

Speaking from experience, the type of movements that many women often find to be most gratifying during sex is slow, deep and sensual.

Thus, “slow and deep” is a key ingredient in prolonging the pleasure for both men and women.

The best part about this way of making love is that it allows plenty of time and opportunities for sharing true intimacy and exquisite pleasures that deepen the attraction as well as the passion.

In unhurried sex, the powerful energy that surges through you as you approach orgasm is directed back into your body, and you can feel the delights of orgasm reach down to your toes, up to your crown and everywhere in-between.

The quantity and quality of these orgasms you can experience is limited only by your own ability to simply allow them. And because both man and woman are satisfied and getting what they need, the benefits can last for days in a harmonious, joyful multitude of ways.

*Let Go of the Goal* – When most people have sex, their thoughts are on the orgasm they’ll achieve.

Tantric sex focuses instead on each single moment and the sensations connected to it. Spend your time on foreplay,
teasing your partner and enjoying the feel of her skin beneath your hands. Take the time to be mindfully aware of each and every sensation.

*Go Slow* – One of the biggest hallmarks of Tantric sex is its reputation for the duration. This is accomplished in a simple way – practitioners take their time. Go slowly, painfully slowly, in everything you do. From undressing your partner and caressing her skin onward, let everything take as much time as possible. It will not only help to build arousal slowly, it will force you and your partner to truly live in the moment.

*Embrace Variety* – Tantric sexual positions are the same as they are with any other type of sex. The truth is that its advanced positions can easily be found in the Kama Sutra.
The key is that Tantric sex embraces variety without feeling the need to rush through it.

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