Singles Classes



Friday 7 pm-9 pm

There is no nudity or sexual contact in these courses.

This is a clothes-on workshop, which is led within your boundaries of consent and comfort levels with respect, honor, and trust with YOURSELF first and reciprocally with fellow attendees. You may engage at whatever level you see/feel yourself called to.


These sessions move you out of mind to Consciousness for you to clarify whatever situation that requires you to take new steps and make creative choices in your life.



You will be guided to cultivate and embody the Tantric principles through practices of:


  • intention setting

  • grounding

  • nurturing

  • healing

  • breathwork

  • eye gazing

  • meditation

  • touch techniques

  • conscious language

  • conscious communication

  • movement

  • energy awareness

  • Heart Chakra – Heal and fortify the heart to deepen love and trust

  • Energy Sensing    

  • Understanding Sexual Energy     

  • Intimacy – Learn to connect to the Divine

  • Presence – Learning to be  “in the moment”- presencing joy

  • Responsibility – Understand where sexual energy comes from

  • The Power of Acknowledgement and Praise

  • Breaking Through Barriers  (dissolving mental barriers and old patterns)

  • Women –  Expanding Femininity

  • Men – Men’s Initiation /Rite of Passage

  • Male and Female Flow Patterns – Discover the huge differences in Energy Patterns of Male and Female Arousal and how to use those differences to optimize pleasure.  The method that will revolutionize your bedroom technique and lovemaking skills.  

  • Genital Massage Techniques  – The Basics; Demo is done on artificial devices