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Kegel exercises for men


















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​    Men can suffer from two sexual related problems that can drive them into a deep depression: erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. These two conditions often affect one’s self-confidence and self-esteem, but not for long if you’re willing to do something about it. One of the solutions for this problem: *Kegel exercises*.


    *What is Kegel Exercise*


             *Kegel exercise* or strengthening the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle can help men deal with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. So, if you are done with all the pills, penis extenders, and pumps, it is time to try this.


               Kegel exercises (named after Dr. Arnold Kegel) are exercises of the pubococcygeus muscle discovered and used by the Taoists in China.    The exercises can improve both physical and spiritual aspects of your life, by strengthening various muscles in order to _promote health_increase longevity_ and enjoy _better sex._.


                These exercises are meant to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles by clenching and unclenching in order to help you maintain *control of your erection* and ejaculations, increase blood flow to the penis for a stronger erection and keep your prostate healthy.     You can identify your PC muscle by making your penis jump with your muscles and see which one tenses. This muscle is the one that can help you stop urinating whenever you want to, it is located between the scrotum and the anus and can help you become a great lover by exercising it.




        To practice Kegel exercise, you first need to determine where your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is. To find this muscle, try to stop or slow pee mid-flow while you are urinating hold for 3 seconds.    If you successfully do this, then you just locate your PC muscle. The muscle you use in doing so is your PC muscle. When you do this, remember not to tense your legs, abdomen or butt cheek muscles.


       For those struggling, this muscle is the same muscle you use when you tighten your anus. If you are able to locate it, then you are now ready to Kegel.



    *What Are Pelvic Floor Muscles?*




          The pelvic floor muscles are actually muscle networks that support your bladder and help you control your urine flow. There are 3 pelvic muscles:


1. Pubococcygeus. Your pelvic floor muscle is the main muscle and it is also known as the pubococcygeus (pu-bo-kak-sij-eus) or PC muscle. These support your rectum and bladder to help you control the flow of your urine.


2. Sphincter muscles. These muscles help you open and close the urethra, which is a tube that drains urine from the bladder.


3. Bladder. Your bladder is a balloon shape muscle and helps hold your urine.





    *How To Do A Kegel Exercise? *


        After you’ve located your pelvic floor muscles, you can now start with the Kegel exercises. You can follow these basic steps:


1. Hold and tighten your pelvic floor muscles for around  3- 5 seconds.

You can start counting with this method: one-one thousand, two-two thousand, three-three thousand, four-four thousand, five-five thousand.   This count is around a 5-second squeeze hold.


2. If you can’t hold with 5 seconds, just hold the contraction for as long as you can. Build it up until you can hold the 5-second count.


3. You should plan on working on ten to twenty Kegel exercises per session. Do it 3 to 4 sessions every day.


4. When you tighten your pelvic floor muscles, squeeze your anus muscles. Do it as if you’re holding your bowel.


5. Always relax your pelvic floor muscles after every hold.


6. Build up your Kegels until you can hold it for 10 seconds.





    *Tips in Doing Kegel Exercises*


Most men can only contract their PC muscle for a couple of seconds, some may not even hold it.

That is okay, that’s why you need to exercise it until you can fully control it.


Also, it’s necessary to record how long you are able to hold the Kegel, so you can measure your progress.


When you perform this exercise, you should feel or see your testicles lift.


This could take time but with regular practice, you will notice an improvement in your pelvic floor muscle strength in just 4 to 6 weeks.



    *Reminders When You Do Kegel Exercises*


  * Do not gasp or don’t hold your breathing.

  * Do not push down. Make sure to squeeze muscles together tight.

  * Imagine you’re trying to lift up the pelvic floor muscles.

  * Do not tighten your stomach muscles.

  * Do not tighten your thighs or your buttock cheeks.

  * Just tighten the pelvic floor muscles.

  * Always relax the pelvic floor muscles in between every squeeze hold.



    *Different Techniques and Variations To Do Kegel Exercise From  Beginners To Advance*




  * Clench your PC muscle 20 times

  * Maintain it for one or 2 seconds then release

  * Repeat 3 times each day for 3 to 4 times a week.

  * Inhale and exhale normally and avoid holding your breath

  * Add ten slow squeezes in each set

  * Take five seconds to slowly squeeze your PC as tight as you can

  * Hold the tension for a full 5 seconds and release gradually for the next five seconds.





  * After two weeks, you should now be able to stretch your PC muscle easier and longer

  * Increase the length of the flex and go for more flexes

  * This time, clench your PC muscle for 5 to 7 seconds

  * From 20  before, you will now do 50 repetitions

  * Repeat this three times a day





  * This process is different from the first two as you have to flex your PC muscle in increments.

  * Tighten your PC muscle slowly

  * Start off gently and hold

  * Tighten your PC muscles more than gently and hold

  * Repeat until you reach the tightest limit you can




    *Kegel Exercise Routines*


For men considering how often should they exercise their PC muscles, I suggest that you make it part of your daily routine.


Here are some recommendations to get you started with Kegeling for better sexual health.


In your first few weeks, do 50 Kegels every other day. Remember that you have to contract the muscles for one to five seconds, depending on the strength of your PC muscle.


However, for beginners, you might struggle to last longer than a second or two but don’t take this hard. This is normal for beginners. Remember that as you exercise your PC muscle it will become stronger and you can last longer.


Over time, gradually integrate Kegel exercise into your daily routine. Start to work up to 5 to 10 minutes a day, four days a week. This time, it will be fairly easy for you.


Also, you can do this exercise anytime and anywhere you want, so being busy would not be an excuse. Some men even do this on their morning commute to work.


    *Kegel Exercises Benefits*


Here are some benefits that you will surely enjoy if you constantly do Kegel exercises.



      *Ejaculation control.*

This is the most popular benefits of doing Kegels, it helps men solve their premature ejaculation problems. When you learn to control your PC and BC muscles, you will be able to hold yourself back from ejaculating when you are at the point of no return.



      *In control of your muscles during sex. *

Kegel exercise also helps you control and relax your muscle. By being able to control the right muscle during sex, you will be able to help yourself last longer in bed.



      *Better and stronger erections.*

By doing Kegel exercises you will be sending more blood into your penis,  which will result in bigger and hard erections. See the different erections between two penises with one practicing Kegel exercises and the other doesn’t below. Which among the two do you prefer?



      *Improved Force of Ejaculation.*

Some men who used Kegel exercises attested that it gives them a large volume of ejaculation or it made them ejaculate further. Although this doesn’t serve a practical purpose it can boost one’s ego.



      *More Intense Orgasm.*

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscle can also help you achieve more powerful orgasms. In fact, if you are able to achieve orgasm even after stopping yourself from ejaculation, you might be able to achieve multiple orgasms.



      *Helps with incontinence and leaks.*

Another potential benefit of Kegel exercise that is not related to sex is your ability to control incontinence. Sometimes, men go through post-void dribbling or post-micturition.




      *Offers a number of health benefits*.



Kegels can also help men enjoy a healthier prostate. This is also effective in treating prostate pain and swelling due to prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate. Kegel exercise can also help you prevent prolapsed prostate.





    *How Often Should You Do Kegel Exercises?*


When you first do Kegel exercises, you may not be able to hold for 5 seconds. You may not even be able to repeat the exercise 10 times.     That is all right.  In the start, it is okay for you to do short Kegel exercise and a few sessions a day.


As soon as your pelvic floor muscles get stronger, try to do longer holds and more exercises a day. This ensures that you work the muscles in the correct manner.


Slowly increase the repetition of the exercise until you reach twenty.

Establish a goal of up to 20 Kegel exercises (squeeze hold) per session, done 3-4 times daily.



    *Where to do Kegel Exercise?*


The best thing about Kegel exercises: you can do them anytime you want to do them. Even if you’re at work, you can do it in coffee breaks, bathroom breaks, getting drinking water, lunch breaks, etc.


No one will know that you’re doing such exercises. You don’t need to use any special equipment in doing Kegel exercises.


Just choose the appropriate exercise type depending on the situation or the place where you are.



    *When to do Kegel Exercise?*


You can do Kegel exercises in the morning, after lunch, before dinner time, and before going to sleep. You can even do them while you watch TV or while you’re reading.     There are those who even put notes on their refrigerator, bathroom mirror, kitchen cabinet or other places in the house to remind them to do some Kegel exercises.



    *How long to do Kegel Exercise?*


It would take up to 6 weeks or longer to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This can help you get better at doing the Kegel exercises. This should help strengthen those pelvic floor muscles. Keep in mind, your pelvic floor muscles are similar to how you workout other body muscles.





Kegel exercises are a very helpful penis exercise that will not only give you thicker erections but will also make your prostate healthier.    Aside from this, exercising your pelvic floor muscle can give you more stamina, energy, and control to make you last longer in bed.


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