Please Inform us of any of the following so we can modify the treatments

Definition of a Contraindication:

any condition that renders a particular treatment improper or undesirable.

Contraindications to massage concern both responsible physicians and massage therapists.


Medical Conditions That Are Contraindicated For Massage

(A Doctor’s Note of Approval for Massage Is Required for All of These Conditions Listed below before

I  Will Schedule an Appointment).


Burns (severe)   

    Infectious disease,    Anaphylaxis (life threatening allergic reaction)

Appendicitis (painful inflamed appendix),     Cerebrocardiovascular accident (stroke)

Insulin shock or Diabetic coma,    Epileptic seizure (convulsions)

Myocardial infarction (heart attack)

Pneumothorax (air or gas within the chest cavity around the lung)

Atelectasis (a collapsed portion of the lung which does not contain air)

Severe asthmatic attack,    Syncope (fainting or loss of consciousness)

Acute pneumonia

Advanced kidney failure, respiratory failure,

or liver failure (a very modified treatment may be possible with medical consent)

Diabetic complications such as gangrene, advanced heart or kidney disease, or very unstable high blood pressure

Eclampsia (a severe form {life threatening} of pregnancy-induced hypertension resulting in seizures)

Haemophilia *severe type (a hereditary bleeding disorder)*under a Doctors’ care & taking corrective prophylaxis those with moderate haemophilia receive modified massage therapy.

Haemorrhage (involves rapid and uncontrollable loss of blood)

Arthrosclerosis (severe forms of stiffening or hardening of the joints)

Hypertension (unstable) (conditions that are not stable i.e., post stroke or heart attack)

Medical shock (a life-threatening medical emergency and one of the leading causes of death for critically ill people: the body reacts, and produces insufficient blood flow to reach the body tissues)

Fever above 38.5 degree C or 101.5 F (significant)

Some highly metastic cancers (diagnosed not to be terminal)

Systemic contagious or Infectious conditions

M.S. or Parkinson’s it is not needed for reflexology which can help some m.s.

Any-one under Influence of drink or drugs


General Contraindication:

Require a physician’s evaluation to rule out serious underlying conditions before any massage is indicated. If massage is recommended by the physician, then the physician will need to work with the therapist to help develop a comprehensive treatment plan.


Regional Contraindication:

Relate to a specific area of the body, meaning that massage may be provided but not to the problematic area.

However the client should see their physician to obtain a diagnosis of the condition and to rule out underlying conditions.


Local contra-indications 

massage can take place but certain areas will be avoided and also massage will be adapted to suit the

condition you have:


Skin Diseases or disorders,   Open wounds or cuts please cover before coming

Recent scar Tissue,  Recent operations,  Any burn

Large lumpy or inflamed moles , Hot swollen inflamed joints

Recent sprains or swellings, Inflammation of unknown causes,

High blood or low blood pressure unless it’s stable or being treated and due to stress.