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How To Worship Your Goddess

This is a very unique session where you have the opportunity to express your devotion and you may offer gifts or worship to the Goddess in the form of   Head massage, Hair brushing foot and calf massage, back rubs, sharing of poetry, and music.


        Seated together comfortably in our first Asana position, we start with a simple, yet profound gazing exercise. Lasting for several minutes, accompanied by gentle breathing and Mudra positions (hand gestures), we begin to slowly still our minds, releasing any preliminary anxiety or thoughts of the outside world. What a wonderful way to begin our interlude together...

After a time, our breath starts to synchronize and relaxation starts to fill both of our bodies.

We feel the primary essence of our Spiritual
Being together as we affirm our Heart Connection at the Anahata Chakra.

* Massage
As in my regular Massage Ceremonies, I will start with slowly relaxing your body and your mind with a combination of increasingly strong, yet gentle strokes as you begin your surrender into deep relaxation.
*The Goddess Worship Ceremony is unique in that we are both givers and receivers in this practice…


*Mutual Enlightenment
*During this very special and unique session, we will at some point sit very closely facing one another in a sacred and sublime traditional Tantric posture, the Yab Yum, our Chakras vertically aligned, synchronizing our breath heart-to-heart.

Mutual massage and energy exchange may continue with an emphasis on healing touch, partner communication, and full-body awareness of the life-force connecting us
to all of existence.

       If a  man or a woman is willing to co-create this beautiful existence of being,  by simply learning the techniques of giving a sacred Yoni massage to a woman, not only will each recognize their own sexual energy heightened but respectfully honor each other's boundaries.

I will become your tantric partner as we take turns working on each other's pleasure zones and learn to connect and communicate in a loving and playful dance.
With honor and within the bounds of tantric bodywork, you will learn and practice sensual healing skills and techniques - including yoni massage, lingam massage, sacred spot healing,  pelvic release work.

As a highly skilled and receptive partner, I am happy to guide you through your explorations with heartfelt feedback and skilled coaching in how you may learn and practice ancient Tantra techniques for becoming a more conscious and masterful giver, something which anyone in your intimate life will be sure to appreciate in the days and years to come!


Please know that each of my longer ceremonies will be caringly tailored to your own unique needs and deep desire to learn the energies of Pink Tantra. We will focus on awakening your own Kundalini energy (the sleeping Snake) and help you achieve a natural and safe state of
sensual ecstasy and bliss.

You will be lovingly held in a safe sacred space of unconditional love and non-judgment.




Please Note

There will not be any (kissing, sucking fingering of my Yoni" Vagina)

NO FULL SERVICE (oral, vaginal, anal)!")

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