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Welcome to my site.......

First, allow me to introduce myself; 

my name is Diane (Shakariia/Sequena)



Aaniin / Tanisi (Hello)


When was the last time you were truly pampered?    

When did you last feel completely relaxed in a warm and caring environment?   

Whether you want a deep tissue massage to ease your aching muscles after a tough day, work out or a soothing sensory rub down to calm away from the stresses of modern life. 


100 % Completely Independent.

25 years of Experience.

        Therefore my sense of touch is quite sensitive now; I feel the heat of tight muscles and aches

so that I can give you the best treatment you deserve...!                  

    I provide a relaxing, educating, and healthy atmosphere, I provide real massage combined with manual stretching and a tantalizing touch, from deep tissue to almost ticklish. 


     I use a mixture of  Castor, Coconut,  Sweet Almond, Grape Seed, Sunflower seed, Apricot, Evening primrose, Acacodo, Moroccan oil, and Argan oils. 


I play Native American, Celtic, Spa,  as well as Nature music for each session which I have added for your enjoyment as you explore my website.


My hands do not judge, and all are welcome on my table, whether you're male or female, gay or straight or somewhere in between, regardless of your body type or age.
Working intimately with people has changed the way I see each and every individual.  
Everyone deserves an amazing massage!

I am also passionate about sharing the Secrets of Tantra. In the past, these secrets were only made available to students after many years of study. But times have changed, and now the extraordinary power of Tantra is available to everyone.

My goal at Medwinequas is to help you activate the Shakti within, for this is the power of the divine that drives sexuality and creativity. Without it, you cannot experience real Tantra and your creativity, passion, and drive will not be at their full potential.

I use ceremony, ritual, controlled breathing, and visualization to awaken this energy and help you to realize that heightened sexuality is very accessible if you obtain the proper guidance.


I like the softness, the sensuality, and the sharing of emotions.
I promise you a moment of escape and sensuality while staying in the real tantric massage.

I am a Sexual Goddess, an Orgasm Scholar, a Lover of Life, and a Spiritual Seeker!

I LOVE helping people, I see their unique beauty and enjoy sharing my gifts in a loving way. Hence why I feel aligned with the term Namasté. I work to see the divine light in each person I meet since everyone has a story to tell and a message to share. 

The ancient Hindu or Buddhist practice dates back something like 5,000 years and combines mantras, meditation, yoga, and ritual with the aim to prolong lovemaking and finding deeper connections and tenderness with not just your lover, but with yourself and in all of your relationships.

    Most people are missing out on what their bodies have to offer due to narrow views of what intimacy and sexuality is. I encourage experiencing more, for healing, learning, and ideally, principles to take home and use within your own relationship.
I work with people 21+ mature clients, males, females, transgender,  couples are welcome also and body type are never an issue.   Shame does not exist in my environment.
Bring an open mind and heart and we will enjoy ourselves.
My rates reflect my desire to make opportunities for more women and Trans* people, CD's to explore these types of services. 
The lovingly intentioned touch and relaxed sensuality of this type of massage can be a positive and healing experience for those whose personal stories include abuse, assault, trauma, or injury.
I invite you to contact me to discuss your specific needs.


Miigwech / Ay-hay
(Thank you)
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