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Transform Your Life with Tantra & Meditation

The word TANTRA means ‘To Weave’, and one of the intentions in Tantric practice, is ‘to weave’ together with all the different aspects of being a human being:


  • Our physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.

  • The masculine & feminine qualities in each of us.

  • Those things that we accept or embrace in ourselves, our partner, our relationships.

  • Those things that we reject in ourselves, our partner, our relationships.

  • All the different & sometimes contradictory situations in every part of our experience.

  The purpose is to help us develop a sense of being whole, being okay, having confidence in our lives, despite the difficulties & challenges.

Problems, challenges & obstacles are constants; they are part of life and in some ways ultimately help us become stronger, more compassionate & confident.

As we go through life, the good times and challenging times, we can tune into deeper capacities to feel safe, supported, deeply connected with spirit, and overall, with life itself. Through Tantra we can weave all these things together, creating a beautiful tapestry out of the fibers & fabrics of our complex, varied and most exquisite lives.


Would you like to learn how to:

  1. Meditate and listen to your deepest wisdom

  2. Integrate your physical, spiritual, emotional, energetic aspects

  3. Understand & support your masculine & feminine energies to help you define & complete goals

  4. Do you want to increase your confidence personally & professionally

     If this sounds like something you would like to explore, I invite you to join me for a 5 WEEK TANTRA & MEDITATION SERIES.

This will be a closed group with a maximum of 10 participants.

It will be held in a safe, secure environment, for both men & women, singles or couples, LGBTQ persons; EVERYONE is welcome.

     In this group you will learn: 4 Tantric Keys to ignite your passion: personally, professionally & in relationship

You will also learn how to:

  • ACCESS, trust and rely upon your deepest wisdom

  • INCREASE your confidence

  • FORGIVE yourself and let go of past mistakes

  • DISENGAGE from hostile or toxic situations, past, present and future

  • LOVE and accept yourself and others, exactly as they are


Sensual chakra massage – this is the most fun exercise. We learn to massage our partner (lying face up) based on the different lovemaking techniques of the chakras. Total of  3 minutes for each chakra, finishing at Vishudha.


  • Root chakra: use slow, hard movements, pressing firmly on your partner's legs, arms, and chest.

  • Second chakra: use steady flowing movements (still apply pressure, don’t use fingertips), allowing as much of your body to touch your partners. Imagine it like a water flow.

  • Solar plexus: go crazy, scratch, bite, pinch and spank your partner (this one may need some boundaries set up beforehand).

  • Heart: very light, gentle strokes using your fingertips. You can use other soft, tickly items, such as your hair or a piece of cloth. This is a very sensual experience, allow yourself to let go and let your hands flow.

  • Throat: This is the last chakra and is done above the body, no touch is involved. Imagine yourself sending your partner love through your hands. This can be an incredibly powerful experience if the receiver is open and relaxed.


     Lovemaking ritual – don’t get excited, no lovemaking actually took place its recommended that when you go home and get ready to make love, to do a ritual to first spend time (20mins) preparing the space and yourself (light candles, put flowers around, shower), followed by eye contact and a mutual meditation. Lovemaking is next on the list, followed by another mutual meditation to finish. In the end, it is recommended physical separation to sit in our own energies, which will make you want your partners more.  Do it as “homework”, which will take the relationship to a different level.



Some other interesting bits:

Polarity: don’t dilute your time together, sometimes you need time to yourself. Instead of spending the whole day together not being present, go out, do what fulfills you, then come together and be present with each other. You can increase polarity by taking a break from each other, sleeping in separate beds once in a while (go away for a weekend with your friends) and by spending time with energies most similar to yours (e.g. if you’re feminine, spend more time with feminine people to increase polarity).

Don’t forget about courting, go on dates and bring some romance into your relationship, even if you have been going out for a long time. See the divine in your partner, don’t see them as just a man or a woman.

This information has been collected from many books and Web sites, and from my own knowledge and experience

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