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The Male Sacred Spot AKA the Prostate






        This ancient Tantric practice of Sacred Spot massage also release stuck emotions unexpressed and suppressed feelings such as shame, guilt, anger, and fear, a chief source of prostate issues.

A lot might think that the penis is the man's sacred spot. Well, the penis might be an important part of a man's body but it is not the most sacred part. The most sacred part is the one that can give the most exhilarating orgasm there is. And it is none other than the prostate gland. A prostate massage can trigger a different kind of feeling that can only be experienced when having a prostate orgasm.

         In summary, prostate massage increases the circulation of blood and energy to the male G-spot, thus preventing infection,  prostatitis and prostate cancer.

Along with its many benefits, the wo/man who lovingly provides prostate message to her/his male partner supports his sexual health and overall well being in an active, caring manner. This is also where men contract, so as well as being deeply pleasurable it can also be a deeply cathartic process to surrender to and receive sacred spot healing.. So what is prostate massage and how can a prostate orgasm happen?.


  • First off, using plenty of personal lubricant is imperative.  For example, JO H2O Anal Lubricant is ideal as it contains the natural analgesic clove oil in its formula, which helps relax the area. 

  • Put some lubricant on the flat pad of your fingertips and gently massaging the anal opening without pushing too hard until you can sense that the body is fully relaxed.

  • Insert your lubricated index finger into your partner’s anus when he’s ready and locate the prostate gland, a small, round, walnut-sized bulb of tissue, and gently massage along its sides. 

  • Increase the finger pressure gradually but do not massage the central or top area which contains several sensitive nerves. 

  • Later, expand the delicate touch and massage to the surrounding muscles on both sides. At first, these muscles may be sore and hard but with continued massage the tension will release and dramatically softens.

      If done correctly it not only has profound pleasure effect but it is also a way to balance a man's energy. As I tell my clients-your anus and prostate don’t have a gender preference. It is a unique delicacy. Some men like just anal massage others like both anal & prostate massage and others try it and decide its not for them.

         What I also have learned is that this experience gives men an understanding of what a woman feels and the conditions that she needs in order to be penetrated. So when a man is penetrated he needs to be relaxed, open, surrender, allow and consents. I will often map the prostate for him so he knows where it is and thus be able to educate his partner if she is inexperienced. Once the prostate is found and stroked he can feel exquisite sensations internally that are very different from cock stimulation. For added gusto a combo cock and prostate can really rock his world, leaving him speechless.

      Once you are being internally massaged the prostate directly creates a deep, pleasurable sensation of its own. Finally, with a prostate massage, you are stimulating the root of the penis allowing men to feel erotic sensations starting deep within and extending out the entire length of their penis. Reports suggest that prostate massage have an overall mind-blowing orgasm and said to benefit from a greater sense of satisfaction.

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