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15 Types of Orgasms Every Woman Should Have





But relying on a routine to get off in bed? Not so sweet. Here's why: There's more than one blissed-out, body-tingling way to a happy ending, and the more paths you travel, the more exciting sex will be Since it takes most women an average of 20 minutes to orgasm.

Do you desire soul-shaking orgasms? Do you want more from life? Wanna know them all?


Mind Orgasm

How can you ‘think yourself to orgasm’? With the power of suggestion. This kind of female orgasm can happen during visual and auditory stimulation. “The key is, there is a part inside a woman’s mind that is capable of infinite positive pleasurable response. It is always active, so you aren’t actually going into her mind and making her have an orgasm. You are unlocking, unleashing and directing that which already exists. Some women used a combination of breathing exercises and fantasy,”. “While others used their imagination and pelvic floor exercises.” In short, the methods were as unique as the women.
You’ve also probably heard of the phenomenon of ASMR, autonomous sensory meridian response.  it might produce a pleasurable tingling sensation in your head, scalp, back or peripheral regions of your body. This kind of tingling creates a certain
euphoria, with shivers and goosebumps, that remind us of the similar effects of sexual orgasm. But this time it only happens in our brain, without the stimulation of other parts of the body.

The Skin Orgasm

Roughly two-thirds of the world's population can have frisson. Let's find out why. Emotions play a major role in this complex process and emotionally charged music is the most common trigger. But not only music can make your hairs stand. Looking at a great piece of artwork, watching a movie, reading a book or even touching another person can release frisson.
This orgasm can be brought about by massaging certain areas of the female body that are not directly connected to the sexual nervous system. Examples include orgasms experienced by many women during sensual massages.


The Oral Orgasm
This orgasm can be experienced by women who are very sensitive orally. The mouth plays a big role in the sexual nervous system. The mouth orgasm can take place during any sensual oral activity such as kissing, licking, sucking, or performing oral sex. Many women describe the excitement as beginning in their lips and then spreading from the mouth to the genitals and all over the body

.The Breast Orgasm

This kind of female orgasm occurs during a peak of stimulation to the breasts. Your breasts can swell up to 25 percent when you’re aroused. This boost makes your breasts super sensitive, and quite a bit larger. Nipple stimulation activates the same region of the brain as clitoral, vaginal and cervical stimulation. The nipples connect to nerves in the female genitals and many women feel a direct connection with their clitoris when their nipples are stimulated. Many women feel increased sexual excitement when their nipples are stimulated but not all of them can experience the breast orgasm. This depends very much on how sensitive their nipples are. 

Clitoral Orgasm:
This orgasm is the most common and is the result of clitoral stimulation. Intensely pleasurable feelings start within the clitoris
and send waves of pleasure throughout the body. The clitoris is the most sensitive area on the female body, being one of the most nerve-rich. The clitoris is so important to receiving pleasure that sexual arousal is always felt there on some level.
However, it’s not the same for every woman; its sensitivity varies greatly from woman to woman. Some women may prefer a light touch while others may require much stronger and firmer stimulation. For some women, it’s so sensitive that touching the clitoral glans directly is often uncomfortable and unbearable. After an orgasm, the clit may become extremely sensitive to the point of being painful.


The U-Spot OrgasmThis kind of female orgasm comes from the stimulation of a small area of sensitive erectile tissue located just above and on either side of the urethral opening. It is in the small area between the urethra and the vagina. This area is typically called the female-prostate and can be stimulated by gently stroking or tapping. Since this area is very sensitive, as with the majority of the vagina and vulva, don’t apply too much pressure. If this region is gently caressed with the finger, the tongue, or the tip of the penis, there is a powerful erotic stimulate this area the same way you treat the clitoris.

The Vaginal Orgasm:
This kind of female orgasm begins in the vagina and either stays focused in the pelvic and lower stomach areas or spreads from there. The uterus, pelvic muscles, and even anus may begin to contract during this orgasm. Those contractions are quite strong and may actually push out anything that was stimulating the vagina. This kind of orgasm takes much longer to achieve (it takes a woman on average 20-25 mins to achieve this kind of orgasm)  Rhythmic thrusting is often the best way to get her there, spooning is a very good position to achieving this type of orgasm.

Blended Orgasm
Experts say a combined clitoral and vaginal orgasm is the most powerful finale. Focus on giving her internal and external stimulation at the same time. Woman on top does this quite nicely the easiest way to do this is with her on top. Use your thumb to stroke up and down on her clitoris as she rides you, or keep your thumb still and let her grind against it.”

A blended orgasm is easier if the woman becomes very aroused before she has intercourse.

Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms occur when a woman has more than one orgasm during a sexual experience with either her partner or while she's self-stimulating. They don't always occur in succession, but with continued stimulation and arousal, they can have a second and a third go with little effort.

The trick is to not overstimulate the clitoris, which is easy to do since it has over 8,000 sensitive nerve endings, double the nerve endings in the glans of a penis. The clitoris often only needs a minute or two before it can handle more stimulation because women's bodies can stay at the peak of sexual excitement after orgasm. As for guys, "men’s refractory periods can range from several minutes to a full day or longer, and they tend to be longer with age

G-Spot Orgasm
This orgasm begins in the G-Spot(which is located 2-3 inches in the vagina) and may stay there while climaxing or it may powerfully explode through the whole body.  During sexual arousal, the tissue surrounding the urethra becomes engorged with blood and the Para-urethral / Skenes glands produce and fill with prostatic fluid. In fact, this process is very similar to male arousal. As a result, the urethral sponge becomes “erect,” and if you touch it, it feels firm. In other words, this is a kind of female hard-on. It’s not inside the vagina but is felt through the vagina. You can reach down and curl your fingers up against the stomach wall of the vagina (it’s not very deep) to find the G-spot. If you feel an area that is a bit swollen or ridge-like, you’ve likely found it."

Squirting Orgasm (Female Ejaculation)
 Female ejaculation is generally achieved by stimulating the G-spot, which is considered an erotic zone located internally, at the
front of the vagina. This area is intimately connected with the urethra. Indeed, pressure on the G-spot area will invariably produce a desire to pee. In addition, as your vagina pulsates during the orgasm, the squirts synchronize with them.


A–Spot Orgasm (The Anterior Fornix Orgasm)
This kind of female orgasm is achieved by stimulation of an area deep in the vagina (about 4-5inches) on the front wall. Like the G-spot, it’s located on the front wall of the vagina—the one closest to the belly button—but it’s situated a few inches deeper, right in front of the cervix, this is a patch of sensitive tissue at the inner front end of the vaginal tube, between the cervix and the bladder. The A-spot can, of course, also be stimulated during sex. Though it’s usually located 5 to 6 inches inside, shorter penises can reach it too, if the receiving partner’s knees are pulled up to shorten the vagina. As with G-spot stimulation, the penis should be aimed toward the front wall but inserted extra deep to access the A-spot. After an orgasm, the A-Spot does not become too sensitive, and you can easily continue stimulation, bringing your partner to new heights of pleasure, this is why women are able to achieve multiple orgasms.


The Deep Spot Orgasm (The Posterior Fornix Orgasm)
This kind of female orgasm is achieved by stimulating the area located just opposite of the G-spot. If you utilize a curved sex toy, alternate it in an opposite, downward position. If you are considering accessing this area during intercourse, try a position where the phallus is directly in contact with your back lower wall...Direct stimulation of the Deep Spot can cause very intense orgasms. Some women may feel as if they are having anal sex. This particular area is not widely known, so very few women have ever experienced those sensations.


Cervical Orgasm


In Taoist reflexology, the cervix is the heart point in women. When this center is being massaged we often react through emotions. Some women feel pain and have the need to cry, some women feel joy and have the need to laugh. Whatever lies in our heart, it wants to express itself.

Technically speaking it’s the lower part of the uterus, it’s around 2-3 cm long and has a cylindrical shape. The side of the cervix that bulges into the vagina is also where the sperm must travel through to fertilize the egg cells.
You can stimulate it best with a dildo or with your lover’s penis. The best position here is either from behind or also you riding him on top with a horizontal back and forth and movement.

All around the cervix can be found tiny erotogenic spots, especially the A-Spots (posterior fornix and anterior fornix). Those spots are located under and behind the cervix. The stimulation of the A-spots may have a similar effect to the cervical orgasm.

 The Anal Orgasm

Anal orgasms start in your mind and end in the sensual core of your ample-bottom.

An anal orgasm is an orgasm that is achieved by stimulation of the anus. This type of orgasm is usually brought on by anal penetration, such as with the penis, a finger, anal beads, or an anal vibrator. This type of penetration can indirectly stimulate the G-spot in women. Stimulation of the anus, perineum, and rectum can engage the pelvic and pudendal nerves, which are implicated in the orgasmic response.

It’s easy to discover your perineal sponge (PS-spot). It lies between the vagina and rectum. This strong pleasure point is beneath the perineum (that band of skin between the vaginal opening and the anus). The perineal sponge fills with blood and engorges during stimulation.

Where there is tush there must be trust. It’s the basis for anal sex. If you trust you can relax which is key here.
You will have to feel clean to be able to relax. To feel physically and mentally clean we can use an enema bulb, which is great for cleaning the anus.  a condom. There are even finger condoms, for warming up, there never can be too much lubrication in anal sex. Always avoid desensitizing and numbing gels.

Slowness: There is no rush to the finish line when it comes to anal sex. So, take it really slowly. Try a warm-up like foreplay or vaginal sex, to get into the mood. When the anus is relaxed, penetrate very slowly!


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