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The 7 Animals that Parallel The 7 Chakras




The seven Spirit Animal teachings of the Native American first Wheel of Life .

Since the wisdom is universal, these same teachings appear in diverse cultures throughout the world and in all times, in different ways.

The teachings help us identify those cycles that we have completed and point us in the direction to complete the ones we still need to work on to give our lives new direction and meaning.


Seventh Chakra/Crown: Eagle
The eagle has the ability to see the big picture, the balance between
Earth beings and spirit; awareness of how our journey on Earth is not
separate from our spiritual identity.

Crown Chakra energies vibrate at the color of Violet
Spiritual Devotion, Enlightenment Connection the the Divine,

Wisdom,  Transformation,  A safe return to home










Sixth Chakra/Brow : Mountain Lion
Quest for wisdom (tracking); the mountain lion has the ability to
differentiate between human knowledge and universal truth. The mountain
lion shows openness to the lessons of true elders, recognizing forces
and truths that govern our lives and all others.

Chakra energies vibrate at the color of Indigo
Intuition, Psychic Energy, Mystical Realms
Telepathy, Magic, Mystery , Mystical Messenger
Vision into the future










Fifth Chakra/Throat : Personal Power Animal
Finding your own voice: discovering how to best use your personal gifts;
learning to distinguish between self-power, power over others, or
others’ power over you. Honoring your gift with courage.

Chakra energies vibrate at the color of Blue
Communication, Expression, Truth, Honesty, Freedom
Freedom of Expression, Individuality
Sings the song of the Soul,  Howling of the hearts desire






                                                                            My Personal Power animal







Fourth Chakra /Heart : Wolf
Development of ability to love and care for others; community awareness
and awareness of relationship; joy in nurturing and supporting others,
and receiving the same for yourself to achieve all of the above.

Chakra energies vibrate at the color of Green
Compassion, Love, Tenderness, helps to open the heart and  be heart centered
Joy, Love and Light, Gentleness, Sensitivity, Vulnerability












Third Chakra/Solar Plexus: Bear
The bear symbolizes self-knowledge and growth; standing in your own
power; transition and change through the power of introspection;
recognizing the limits of human knowing, power of humanity and forgiveness.

Chakra energies vibrate at the color of Yellow
Personal Power, Confidence, Instincts, Solar Energy, helps tap  into
powers of inner ferocity to see a vision to the fulfillment
Strength, Self Knowing, Powerr, Majesty
Face Fears, Sun Energy













Second Chakra/Sacral : Badger
The badger represents recognition of individual needs, care of self as
separate physical entity. The power and vulnerability of the Life Force
manifest within us, acknowledging its sacredness; healing energy for
self and others. Chakra energies vibrate at the color of Orange
Vitality, Life Force, Pleasure, Sense of Self, Abundance, Receptivity,
Moon Energy,
A strong symbol of creativity can help us attain the abundance we
desire.  Connects us to sensuality and passion, and feelings of worthiness
Symbolic of prosperity, and the cleansing and healing of old ways










First Chakra/ Root: Mole
The mole represents our learning to respect our dependence on the
alchemy of the Earth. This chakra represents our first awareness of
physical form, relationship to Earth, honoring the Source, respecting
the alchemy of the soil that supports all life.

Chakra energies vibrate at the color of RED
Survival, Attainment of basic needs, Boundaries, Self Preservation,
Safety, Earth Energy
Symbolic energy of safety the need of protecting oneself, and
ones resources, and creating boundaries to enforce protection
of the abundance of resources

Meditating  upon the energy of the animal can also help activate the associated chakra

and balance the energy. You can also assign your own powerful animal symbol
for working with each individual chakra center. Choose an animal that
you resonate with strongly, or one that has the qualities or energy that
you would like to embody for that particular chakra.


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