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Male Masturbation

This information has been collected from many books and Web sites

1. According to a 2002 study, 98 percent of undergraduate students said they masturbated. This was, on average, 12 times a month.

2. Men in a good mood have a memory bias against masturbation — they don’t remember the last time they committed the act.

3. Masturbating is good for improving sexual endurance because you’re able to control your body and understand your body when you’re alone.

4. Despite common knowledge, men can orgasm before they physically ejaculate.

5. Self-congratulating can improve sperm quality in men with fertility problems.

     I suppose when you do something every day or close to every day, you start to get pretty good at it which is one of the reasons I decided this article might be helpful to readers. The other reason I feel like I have something worth sharing is that I have done a strange amount of research into the best male masturbation techniques and I figure I should share that comprehensive research with the world!

     Masturbation is, of course, an extremely personal thing and I really think that each person has and will have a strategy which works best for them. For the most part, guys are pretty easy to ‘get off,’ although of course depending on the type of equipment you have down there, there are differences. Let’s start there.


The Uncircumcised Guy

For the guys who have all their gear left, masturbation is a little bit different. Since they have the ‘hood,’ the sensitivity on the head of a penis is quite apparent. The reason for this is because when you don’t have a ‘hood,’ the head of the penis gets used to rubbing up against things like your pants or bed sheets or whatever it might be. So for the circumcised guy, the strategy is a little bit different when it comes to male masturbation techniques.

Besides the sensitivity difference, uncircumcised men generally have a little bit more of a moist hood too which means the need for lubricant is quite a bit less.


The Circumcised Guy

For those who have had their ‘hood’ cut off, the situation is basically the opposite to the above. With a little bit less sensitivity and a drier head of the penis, lubricant and a more aggressive technique will generally do the trick.

The Traditional's

Talking about masturbation is still obviously quite a ‘taboo’ topic which is another reason I thought writing about it might be helpful. There aren’t many social events where you’ll hear this – “So I was masturbating last night and I used two hands instead of one… It was great!”

Instead, it’s something for each individual to explore on their own. But the world of jack off tricks and techniques is so large that I think there are some best practices that men across the world are missing out on.

So let’s start with the basics. We as people have been masturbating since we had the cognitive ability to understand that masturbation felt good. There are depictions of male masturbation in prehistoric rock from across the globe and it is understood that masturbation and ejaculation had a spiritual connection in ancient times. So for something we have been doing from the beginning of civilization, we sure are not comfortable talking about it.

The Classic

Let’s take this to present day where we have an abundance of information via the internet, sex toys, male masturbation aids, penis pumps, etc. The classic rub and tug, however, is still the ‘go-to’ for billions of men around the world and I am sure it doesn’t require much explanation on how it works. I like to use the phrase “grip it and rip it” to describe the technique and despite my collection of male masturbation aids, it still has it’s placed in my arsenal.

Quick, simple and effective, the classic can be done pretty much anywhere a man has some privacy.

Using a single fist, you simply wrap your palm and fingers around your erect penis and begin rubbing it up and down. For circumcised guys, it’s usually preferred to be done with lubricant (or spit if you’re caught without it). The classic is also the ‘go-to’ handjob technique for woman and one that has pleased men for many centuries before us!


Variations of the Classic

The Double Fist

Adding a second hand to the mix can often be a lot of fun. With your right fist wrapped around the base of your erect penis, place the second hand on top of it. Continue the same motion as with one fist but gently twist the top fist as you rub. If you are uncircumcised the sensitivity might be a bit much so ensure you adjust the tightness of your grip to a level which is comfortable for you. I find that no matter if you’re circumcised or not, lubricant is a must in this case as you are rubbing quite aggressively on the head of your penis.


Finger Techniques

A slight variation of the classic male masturbation technique, using just your fingers and removing the palm from your penis seemingly increases the sensitivity of the experience.

I find that this is a really nice way to start out as the sensitivity is ideal for initially getting excited. To do this, place your thumb and two fingers beside your thumb on to your penis. Apply a good amount of pressure and begin rubbing up and down. Move up on the shaft for increased sensitivity. This is a great technique as well if you don’t have any lubricant handy as the rubbing is less aggressive than the ‘Double Fist,’ or ‘Classic.’


The Ball Grab

As you’re using the classic or any other single-handed approach, use your off-hand to gently (or more aggressively if you like that) rub your balls while masturbating. As you begin to reach a climax, you’ll be able to feel the area tighten up a little bit and ideally, with your hand providing a boost, your orgasm will reach new heights!

Variations of the Classic with additions

Adding things to your masturbation session can be a ton of fun. Whether you’re using cock rings, Tenga eggs or Fleshlights adding things to the mix every once in awhile keeps masturbation fun and exciting.

The best thing to do is try one of the above (you HAVE to get a Fleshlight, there’s just no reason why you shouldn’t have one in this day and age…they’re amazing).

Otherwise, let’s take a look at some household items which you might not have thought about before.


The Ice Cube

Using the classic technique, place a towel underneath your ass as this one gets a little bit wet. Grab an ice cube from the freezer and hold it in your off-hand. As you’re stroking your penis, rub the ice cube gently on the head of your penis, around your balls and even a little bit underneath the balls. The temperature difference will have you tingling and the end result will be an even more intense orgasm. The Ice Cube is particularly fun with a partner.


The Sandwich Bag

This is basically a build your own Tenga egg or Fleshlight project which is really simple to do. Take a small-medium zip-lock bag and put some lubricant in the bag. Place your erect penis in the bag and begin stroking it. The sensation is similar to a real vagina although, with such a cheap alternative, you can’t expect high quality. I recommend using this technique on all fours (or on three) or standing up because if you’re laying on your back, the lubricant seems to leak out of the bag.


The Cock Ring

Cock rings can be a great addition to your masturbation arsenal. They help to keep your penis erect and provide some extra-pressure increasing the overall climax. They are also extremely affordable to buy and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can buy these online, but they’re pretty much a single time purchase, so you won’t be breaking the bank to have a better wank.

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