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Tantric sex for lesbians

​  For centuries Tantra has been considered to be the ultimate path to enhance one's spiritual and physical experience because of the erotic energy that is generated. Sexuality is at the core of our physical, mental, and emotional nature. Playing with our sexual energy lets us touch another reality or realm, the spiritual or sacred energy that nourishes our physical lives.This is because Tantra is the link between spirituality and sexuality!

     Because of its sensuous, total body expression, much of lesbian sexuality might be labelled tantric anyway. As women are so in tune with each other’s body, it should in theory be easier for lesbians andbisexual women to take part in tantric sex.

     If you want to experience tantric sex with your woman, I encourage you to redefine what sex is for you as a couple - begin to approach sex as an opportunity to deeply connect at all three centers - your sex center, your heart center, and your consciousness. As well as the sacred through three other connections such as: to our breath, to our bodies, and to the body of the Earth. The focus is to become grounded in our bodies and to feel a genuine appreciation for them as they are now. It is to become fully connected to our own energy, the energy of our partner, and the energy of the Earth. In lesbian lovemaking the roles we assume are easily interchangeable. Orgasm isn't always the goal. The experience is one of being totally connected, awake, and alive in this state of vibrant, loving, erotic energy.

     Erotic love between women can be a celebration of and an initiation into the female creative spirit, the feminine mysteries. When we open to the   great feminine, the holy space that is the foundation of the world, making love becomes sacred. Lesbians hold the form of woman power at its most profound.   It is not our partner's gender that makes our sex sacred. It is the consciousness that we bring to our sexual acts that makes them sacred, whether we are making love to ourselves or with a partner. Lesbian love is sacred when it is visionary, interconnected, and transformational.  In sex between two women it’s important that there’s polarity between the women. This means one woman is more in her ‘feminine’, and the other is more in her ‘masculine’. Of course, there can be a dance between the two.  In tantra is too allow ALL emotion to flow through you whilst making love … this is truly a serious thing a woman can do. When sexual energy is flowing, and deep intimacy is felt, we can often feel sadness, anger, betrayal … all sorts of emotion floats up to the surface, and it’s okay to express that!   Allow the tears to flow, the anger to roar … in Tantric sex all is welcome.

     Focusing on each other with an intensity that should only be held for each other. By sitting opposite each other and concentrating on each other for a few minutes you can begin to connect and start your first experience of tantric sex. After a short while, you will begin to feel an intense connection and start to touch. Once you both feel like you won’t be distracted, start by slowly touching each other and exploring each other’s body where you might normally overlook.  Give this a few more minutes and only then should you start kissing. It’s very difficult to contain yourself but look at it as  fantastic foreplay that is extended for as long as is possible! You’ll find that if you give it an hour or so of this kind of gentle yet determined foreplay you will certainly feel incredibly connected to your woman.

Traditional tantric sex is often very ritualistic and ceremonial. Set up a beautiful space in your home where you wish to connect with your woman. I encourage the use of sage and palo santo to cleanse the space of negative energy, alongside the use of incense, aromatherapy oils, candles, music etc.

Tantra believes that we all have the masculine and feminine (yin and yang) energy within us. The masculine energy is penetrative, holds space, is deeply present, and witnesses without judgement. The feminine is soft, surrendered, vulnerable and receives. 


 Women often have an easier time than men in realizing the connection between our bodies and the body of the planet. Our moon cycles present us with the direct experience of the ebb and flow of life. There is constant change and yet this changing process is infused with a radical unity. All things, all beings are interconnected. And it is at this level of awareness, of interconnection, that lesbians, women loving women, have much to share about the dynamic dance of love. We have more freedom in changing roles, in experiencing a wider range of behavior and feelings. Our lovemaking is not focused on one single act. Our sexuality can be sacred, playful, lustful, serious, humorous, joyful, tender, angry, or anxious. Our sexual communion becomes tantric when it serves as initiation to the "body" of the universe. Our sexual acts become acts of worship when each partner experiences herself and the other as Goddess/Divine.



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