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        Let’s look at Tantra as a non-dual and unorthodox path towards enlightenment.   If we categorize the world into masculine and feminine, black and white, inside and outside, gay and straight…we miss out on a wide range of possible experiences that are fluidly shifting between spirit and form. It’s important to distinguish between traditional tantra from the east and Shamanic tantra, Neo-tantra, tantric sex, and modern Western tantra. Tantra is a huge umbrella term for all kinds of embodied spiritual lineages.

   Where does one’s sexuality fit within the spiritual? Does it matter if I’m gay or lesbian? Does it matter if I’m transsexual?  Can I practice Tantra?  It does not matter where you stand in the vast spectrum of human sexuality.Spirituality is something everyone can experience.

Why can everyone experience spirituality? Because everyone has a spirit. Everyone has a soul.

Sex is not an act we do; it is an energy we share through an experience of body, mind, and spirit.Self-pleasuring is foundational to the development of a deep and healing sexual practice. 

Erotic exchange with people of our own gender is a revolutionary choice that invites social and spiritual transformation.

     Tantra is not only about sexual pleasure. Tantra is about achieving balance within yourself, It is about achieving a balance between the male and female energies within you. That is why it is not an issue when practicing Tantra or any other type of spirituality, whether tied to sex or not because regardless of sexual orientation, we all have both male and female energies. Whether it is Tantra or sacred sex, sexual orientation and virginity are not important. What matters is howyou practice, how you implement your gained knowledge in your everyday life. Your intentions when practicing, even when not, affect your world and who you are. Spirituality, in general, is more focused on exploring the world within than applying external rules to that inner existence; that which is known as the soul.

   Native American, Shamanic or even Buddhism there is—or should be—no obstacle or difference in treatment for sexual minorities because every aspect of our being is an aspect of our beginning-less enlightenment. That includes our sexuality – especially our sexuality, because sexuality is such a powerful metaphor, particularly within Tantra.

However, in Buddhist teachings generally, it is quite rare to find teachings on sexuality which are addressed even to heterosexual people in ordinary loving partnerships – rather than celibacy on the one hand or the highly involved practices of Karma Mudra on the other.

    Tantra It is about the union of emptiness and form concepts which are often seen as opposites but which are in reality in ecstatic union with each other. You’ll experience strength and lightness when you communicate authentically with your sexuality and feel freer, more at ease and loving when interacting with others! Tantra will bring your self-confidence into a healthy balance and let you experience for yourself that sexuality can be playful, simple and a source of great joy and creativity in your life! to explain our personal feeling that there must be a spiritual 'meaning' to our way of love and relating, we have found that not only are there such Roots, but they are the most precious parts of virtually all of the ancient spirituality of our species the fundamental roots of tantric Spirit, and the ways to be able to help you connect with any of that which you are drawn to.*I hope you ENJOY learning WHY you are what you ARE!!*

From the ancient mystical traditions of the Land Of Countless Gods, India comes the teaching that the Universal Spirit (Brahman, the Creator) first manifested as a Unified Being composed of all of the traits of BOTH HUMAN SEXES. Usually depicted as Male and Black on the left side of the body and Female and white on the right side, this First Being is named ISHVARA.. and it is 'he' or 'she' or 'we' whom Hindus consider having said: "Let us make mankind in our own image."

While most western societies frown upon the Androgynous or Gender-Unified individual and consider them somehow 'distorted' or "un-natural"  India recognizes the Ishvaran Androgen as THE CREATOR, EMBODIED. As we progress through themany cultures of the world, you will see this theme repeated many times, and we hope you will learn from it that Gender-Unified Self Identity is not only DIVINE but capable of original Creations on a scale unattainable by either Gender Extreme.

Even in Native American culture, the 2 spirits is a perfect picture of this Third Gender or Both-Sexes-In-One was understood as being innately more Intuitive, Nurturing, Wise and Skilled.. all words of vast importance to Native societies. All of the professions which we now call Healthcare, Counseling, Education and the Ministry were ALL 2 spirit specialties, as were the Arts, Music, Dance and above all else, the entire spectrum of Mystical or Psychic Sciences.. which were considered the almost exclusive domain of the He/She.

As a Bisexual woman, I am committed to including people who identify as queer and educating people on how to open new understandings to the queer orientation/label.One simple practice is to upgrade our language when talking about sexual orientation and gender identity from LGBT toLGBTQQIP2SAA or “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning and queer, Intersex Pansexual, Asexual. two-spirited, and allies..”Further, I want to avoid making general assumptions based on my perceptions of someone’s gender or whom they partner with. The best way to do this is to get curious and create safety for people to talk frankly about their sex. I want to listen without judgment to people’s sexual preferences and aversions.


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