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Tantric sex for Gay's

     Tantra is the ultimate fusion of your sexual energy and your spirituality. These create states of bliss and ecstasy and in Buddhist and Hindu traditions are a path to your enlightenment. Tantra delineates a multitude of esoteric beliefs and practices within Hinduism and Buddhism which have a long-standing tradition reaching back to at least the 8th century. In its original meaning, Tantra is a mystical pathway, an accumulation of practices that have in common extensive use of ritual and of psycho-experiential techniques such as yoga, visualization, and meditation.

      Tantra is a Sanskrit word meaning “weaving”.   This is about weaving opposing aspects of a thing or person into a whole.  Therefore, tantric sex is about unearthing different parts of your personality to create a more complete and enjoyable sexual experience.    This is intercourse for connection, development, and personal exploration.      Tantra this process can be experienced in the sexual context, but more often it is created through non-sexual practices such as body, breathing and energy exercises. High energy and charging oneself up allow the practitioner to come up against the boundaries of his feelings, body and mental capacity, which gives rise to opposing forces on the most varied levels. Learning to love these opposing forces leads in the final analysis to a widening of consciousness and personal capabilities.

     Tantra invites us to transcend our judgements, our thoughts, our shame, our guilt. It transcends everything to remind us that we are Love. I often set those who attend my workshops the challenge, to “Be Love”. What does “Being Love” look like, how does it feel on a day to day basis, how does it change the interactions that we choose to have with different people.

When we surrender, or sink into, or rise up to our heart centers, to a vibration of Love it feels just like coming home.  It feels like the very place our souls call home. We can spend so long looking, searching, researching, yet I wonder if part of our role as humans is to remember consciously that we are Love.

Tantra is our spiritual journey, because it offers you the possibility to reconnect with your spirit, with the very essence of “who you are”, which is beyond your physical body and your mental mind. In this, Tantra invites you to embody this experience as a human “being”. Some spiritual practice focus on dogma or on ascending to the higher planes. This is all well and good and might offer some clues as to why as humans we destroy the very planet we live on. When you embody an experience, it is felt and experienced in the body. It becomes a human experience on planet earth. 


  Gay tantra is suitable for all men, singles as well as couples, who are prepared to have new experiences in the sphere of sexuality, love, intimacy & spirituality. In essence GAY-TANTRA promotes your personal growth and aims to enhance your sexuality and vitality, and at the same time, it allows you to widen your awareness, control your pleasure and transform it consciously.     It can really offer the most amazing miracles and touches you in ways, which imprints on the very soul. It’s likely to offer experiences so profound that you’d struggle to find words to describe how soul uplifting it is. It can take you home in a true and deep way.  Tantra can offer a mystical path. Experiences that you can’t describe, and becomes deep rooted in your heart. When you see our pictures of how Tantra works, it’s a melting invitation. Part of you will long to remember how it was to feel this carefree … to feel this free. The marketing I and others use show the most intimate, the most beautiful connections with other humans and shows the possibility in how Tantra can benefit you and your life.

Tantra is a modern spiritual practice that uses your sexual energy to realize different states of consciousness. What does that mean? Well like any form of meditative practice it requires mindfulness. Orgasm, apart from the human ‘pleasure’ experience of orgasm, can be used to give us deeper and expanded senses of our human self. In that ‘expansion’ lies a deeper state of awareness, that can be called consciousness. Hence the moment you bring the state of awareness to any practice, that for me is the start of a spiritual practice. So Tantra is all about awareness and is reputed to be one of the fastest pathways to Enlightenment.


Connected breathing”. Bringing your mind to where your breath is. In my opinion the most effective meditation in the whole of Tantra is just to focus on the breath … from there magic can happen.

Sound   Practice letting your jaw drop and making an “aahh” sound.  With practice this meditative practice can have the experiences of orgasm shooting through your body even before you’ve started to touch your genitals or your partners.

What you should notice in doing this is that your experience is much more amplified. Just the simple act of making sound makes the experience bigger. As you become more excited you’ll notice the “aaahhss” turn into more grunts of excitement.  

Movement – the next part to amplify your orgasm is to move your body with the experience. Gently moving your hips. Allow your body to move as you stimulate yourself. As you breathe, make sound, and move your body to express the sensations in your body, you will notice that the experience is much greater. As you caress yourself, as you stroke yourself, allow your body to move with the experience, focus on the breath and the sound.

Focus Attention – so as you are stimulating yourself, pay attention to where the sensations are in your body, and join the sensation. Don’t be an observer to your experience but instead allow yourself to really meet the sensations in your body. Bring to your awareness how you cock feels as you stroke it, how your breath is, how all the different sensations are in your body. Whatever your experience, stay with the sensation. What you will notice is that you have a much more conscious memories of your experience.

Play & Delay – Statistically men ejaculate within 15 mins of sexual play whether with themselves or with others. My  point here is to delay or don’t ejaculate …. Maybe change your mindset from ‘getting it over with’ to having a play session. Allow yourself to explore your physical body, to explore your nipples, your buttocks. How does it feel to stroke your cock and play with your nipples at the same time as using the techniques I’ve listed above?  Maybe consider stroking the bud of your anus at the same time, or stroke your inner thighs.

     Once you have found your center taking it to the next level with your partner will make things much more intense and satisfying.  Focusing on each other with an intensity that should only be held for each other. By sitting opposite each other and concentrating on each other for a few minutes you can begin to connect and start your first experience of tantric sex. After a short while, you will begin to feel an intense connection and start to touch. Once you both feel like you won’t be distracted, start by slowly touching each other and exploring each other’s body where you might normally overlook.  Give this a few more minutes and only then should you start kissing. It’s very difficult to contain yourself but look at it as  fantastic foreplay that is extended for as long as is possible! You’ll find that if you give it an hour or so of this kind of gentle yet determined foreplay you will certainly feel incredibly connected to your man.

Traditional tantric sex is often very ritualistic and ceremonial. Set up a beautiful space in your home where you wish to connect with your man. I encourage the use of sage and palo santo to cleanse the space of negative energy, alongside the use of incense, aromatherapy oils, candles, music etc.

Tantra believes that we all have the masculine and feminine (yin and yang) energy within us. The masculine energy is penetrative, holds space, is deeply present, and witnesses without judgement. The feminine is soft, surrendered, vulnerable and receives. 





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