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De-armouring is a way of releasing blockages, stuck energy, emotions and tension from the body – also known as armor. Body armor was first mentioned in writing by Wilhelm Reich back in the 1930's. The practice of De-Armoring though, is as old as the Shamanic tradition and has many different forms.

Tantra has a purpose beyond purely sexual fulfillment. It's more about savoring your physicality and experiencing increased sensuality. The technique combines mindfulness, sexuality, and spirituality.

It promotes having a sensual experience, either by yourself or with a companion.

Distinctive Features of the Four Classes of Tantra

Kriya tantra – the bliss of partners looking at each other.

Charya tantra – the bliss of smiling at each other.

Yoga tantra – the bliss of hugging each other.

Anuttarayoga tantra – the bliss of being in union.

Modern de-armoring, also known as Tantric de-armoring, is a holistic kind of bodywork that combines deep pressure, breathwork, and a concentrated awareness of the body's senses. The procedure may trigger a range of recollections and emotions.

The armor is a product of obstructions brought on by traumatic events, tension, cognitive habits, and other life experiences. The free flow of life force within the body may be hampered by this armor.

Because of the emotions that are trapped inside, it can also muddle the mind and make it challenging to maneuver through life. It hardens and desensitizes the physical body. Simply put, de-armoring is a method for releasing and opening up this armor.

A de-armoring session is similar to a trigger point massage in that deep pressure is applied to several locations on the body to relieve stress in the body, mind, and spirit.

The points are both internal and external, but only internal work is done if and when you are at ease with it. Because every session is different, we will work together to discover the finest possible support for your release and opening.

Clients are encouraged to feel their bodies and to remain fully present throughout tantric massage therapy sessions. Clients may be better able to accept and integrate their wounded parts while also letting go of any negative emotions they may be holding on to by deliberately experiencing and investigating them.

This can assist individuals in regaining a greater sense of tranquilly, pleasure, and satisfaction in their lives.

Depending on the method utilized, there are many de-armoring processes.

Some practitioners of tantric massage choose "hard" de-armoring, which involves applying intense pressure to tight muscles with physical force.

Some prefer using "soft" de-armoring techniques or applying a lot of Using less force to get the same effect.

Therapists may apply pressure to certain sites on the body in a prescribed order and hold it there, or they may feel the body instinctively for tension-holding spots.

We work on deep tissue trigger points holistically while focusing on the erogenous zones because that is where we store a lot of tension and because it is never touched in traditional massage techniques. The treatment is performed directly on the skin, without clothing (there are alternatives if this would feel uncomfortable).

While they are frequently retained in the body, the neurological system, and on a person's memory, there are times when these memories and feelings may not have been felt or remembered for a long time (even decades). your sexual vitality

Liberation from unconscious tendencies brought on by armor

A significant improvement in energy, vigor, and health. Increased access to your free will. A simpler process for realizing your potential.

It is crucial to remember that the removal of so-called armor is not a novel technique; it has been carried out for millennia by several societies all over the world under various titles and guises.

These techniques are based on the idea that when we are bound by unconscious patterns of being, we lose the adaptability required for sound adaptation.

We restore our natural energy flow and favor to embrace life by interrupting and dissolving our character/body armor.

The actual de-armoring process, which can include of massage, bodywork, or mental exercises, can lead to intense emotional and trauma release, which can show itself as laughter, yelling, crying, trembling, shaking, coughing, swearing, feeling cold or hot, and whatnot.

There's nothing to be concerned about; in fact, it's a good cleansing procedure that releases emotional and psychological strain that has built up in the body.

What takes place during a de-armoring ritual?

Similar to a deep trigger point massage, a de-armoring ceremony applies enough pressure to specific body locations to relieve tension in the body, mind, and spirit.

Trust between the giver and the receiver is therefore crucial.

The majority of the time, exterior issues are the aspects that can be improved.

Work on yourself should only be done when you are extremely at ease with it.

Every session is special and different, and the best assistance for the release of repressed trauma, tension, and complex thought patterns will come through an honest and loving exchange of information.

De-armoring the genitalia

Many of us still harbor unfavorable ideas about genitalia and sexuality from our early years.

This may result in pelvic pain over time and either cause or contribute to sexual dysfunction.

The discomfort and underlying emotion that are frequently felt in that area can begin to be released with genital massage.

Both internal and external de-armoring have advantages for everyone.

If and when a client is ready, vaginal de-armoring is also provided as part of the full body treatment.

A lot of trauma from being humiliated, harmed, or touched without respect or consent can be stored in this area of the body.

Men might hold a great deal of humiliation and dread in the anus, which is located next to their genitalia. Prostate massages for men might aid in complete body relaxation.

Learn more about how men can benefit from prostate massage.

A yoni massage can aid in the healing of many of the traumas of femininity for women.

Women are capable of storing a wide range of emotions in their vagina, cervix, and womb, including those related to abortion, rape, abuse, unplanned pregnancy, and unwelcome sex (even the smallest compromise before intercourse can generate armor). birth control methods, rape, abuse, abortions, etc.

Among them are having a challenging delivery, feeling embarrassed about beginning or having periods, painful sex (dyspareunia), unwanted sex, and a host of other issues.

It is healing and helpful in and of itself to experience the therapist's mindful, caring, and consensual contact.

The client controls when and where they will allow themselves to be touched, and they are free to pause or end the session at any time.

Boundaries set by clients are always observed.

Things to take note of:

Bring a notebook and a piece of paper

Clear your calendar afterwards - you may need alone time afterwards to integrate

Internal De-Armouring is not recommended during moon phase (ie. your period)

All emotions are welcome during the massage

Pleasure and orgasms are welcome but climax is not the intention of the massage

A De-Armoring session is a one-way touch setup

Not all De-Armoring practitioners work the same way, so feel free to ask

Symptoms of Feminine armor include:

Hard tissue along the walls of the yoni

Small grain-like lumps

Numb areas or total numbness


Lack of sensitivity

Contracted and hard inner muscles

A hard and overly sensitive cervix

Pain during love-making

Inability to experience deep yoni orgasms, or G-spot and full body orgasms

No orgasms at all

A need to rub your clit hard (as the only way for you to climax).

Symptoms of Masculine armor include:

Erectile dysfunction,

Premature ejaculation,

Performance anxiety,

Low sex drive,

Fear of intimacy

Hyper- addicted to sex, porn, sexual fantasies, compulsive and obsessive

Hypo- no sex drive at all, avoid sexual connections, fear of intimacy


De-Armoring is a self-development process and not a replacement for therapy.

Please note that participation is NOT suitable if:

You have other serious psychological or physical illnesses, You are pregnant


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