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Why a woman deserves a Tantric Yoni massage.

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Have you noticed that women’s two most sacred body parts - breasts & vagina are almost never touched outside a sexual or child-rearing context? These body parts are either sexualised or shamed for their natural properties of child-rearing and bodily fluid functions. We are either being sucked dry by an infant or ravaged by a lover.

Women have a difficult relationship with their vaginas and most often it is not a positive one. There are insecurities over how it looks, smells and how hairy it is. There are yeast infections, periods and annoying discharge. Vaginas often hurt, itch, dry up or do not get wet fast enough or do not orgasm when we want them to.

Whether because of a time-consuming career or because men in their life aren’t getting the job done… More women are taking matters into their own hands… or rather, the hands of someone else.

There's something about extended touch and caress that tends to release the most potent chemicals of the sexual centers of a woman who's in need of physical and emotional attention. Yoni massage, is basically massage therapy on or near the vagina or other erogenous zones, including breasts, that can help you get more comfortable with your sexuality. The massage includes touching, deep-breathing, stretching of the hip flexors, touching and massaging of the vulva, and if the client is willing, it can even include finger penetration by your masseuse. The goal isn’t orgasm, of course, although that can happen. The process is about releasing tension and becoming more comfortable with touch.

It all boils down to one reason: Most women haven’t been touched the way that they want. And because women are often timid about opening up about what they want in bed…They’d rather pay for their pleasure than direct a man in bed due to being afraid of hurting their partner’s feelings or insulting them, A suggestion often feels like a criticism.

“Women are finally getting comfortable with the idea that it’s OK to feel erotic in what’s already a really erotic setting.” And because of this higher comfort, a woman will now embrace her erotic desires with full force. So if she isn’t getting pleasure in her personal life, she’ll pay someone else to give it to her.

The intention of the yoni massage is twofold: to awaken you to the possibilities of pleasure inherent in a relaxed and focused exploration. And to de-Armour the walls of the vagina, allowing it to become more responsive, soft, and receptive to pleasure and love-making. Women store their emotion and trauma in the walls of the vagina. Letting go, surrender, dissolution, tears, overwhelming lust – a Yoni-massage can become a profound experience, the first touches of vulva and vagina it feels like slowly peeling back layers. literally touching the innermost of you. Free of expectations going back to the roots of joy of life and strength by giving yourself trustingly over to the hands of an experienced masseuse is a sensual experience which can open new ways to experience yourself. Fears and insecurities as well as past experiences can be analyzed and looked at with the secure guidance of another person. Sometimes they can even be resolved and understood. In this way there is space for interaction with your own profound lust and vitality. This can result in loss of sensation and lack of desire for sex. The purpose of the yoni massage is healing but orgasm can sometimes result. Or if perceived inability to orgasm is the issue, then orgasm could be the intention of the session. Otherwise the only other intentions I have are to be present, nurturing, kind, loving, supportive and sisterly towards you.

A yoni massage allows a woman to feel sacred, revered and loved. The practitioner needs to be fully connected to their heart to be effective as a coach and healer. As soon as a woman commits to having a yoni massage emotions begin to be released. In my experience, I began to cry days after my 1st yoni massage out of the blue and became very teary and felt raw and open afterward. Care must be taken for 24 hours afterward to avoid sex, kissing and additional emotional trauma. A woman is very open and susceptible to acquiring additional hurts during the three days after the experience of a yoni massage. Empty your bladder before experiencing the massage.

Tantric Yoni Massage can make you feel both empowered and submissive at the same time.

Honoring the Yoni


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