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Dark Tantra

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The real practices about Tantra are going to transform the sexuality center of a person and not only the heart-centered, as well as emotional sexuality which relates to the partners.

The real teachings about Tantra are going to show you that side of the darkness in sexuality is the area in which hidden forces can actually have an influence on the sexual wishes of a person, and that person can misunderstand them as his own.

What is the importance of learning about sexuality’s dark parts?

We use the Jungian concept of Shadow – that part of ourselves that, due to societal conditioning, we hide from ourselves and those around us.

In this context, we are mostly interested in the erotic parts of the shadow, this tends to be where the most potent power is, and the room for most grown.

For some people, the Erotic Shadow is any sexual impulse at all; for others the shadow pertains to specific kinks and fetishes. Most of us on planet Earth have been brought up to hide at least a part of our sexual impulses. This hiding allows us to fit into society, but we are denying a part of ourselves by doing so. There may be ‘negative’ emotions

around our erotic shadows. Feelings such as shame, guilt or self-loathing can be very present when a part of the self has been suppressed. It takes an act of courageous self-love to decide to take a deep breath, look inward and examine what lies in the shadows within.

Dark Tantra Sensual Surrender ...*We all carry a shadow; the less embodied in your conscious life it is, the blacker and denser it is. Yet to penetrate the darkness, we must summon all powers of enlightenment that consciousness can offer.~Carl Jung.

It is undoubtedly a thing of truth and integrity in order to educate ourselves about the things that disturb us. This is actually what the concept ‘be conscious’ says, particularly when we are trying to teach other people about what conscious sexuality and sex is.

Dark Tantra

Interested in exploring the loving expression of Tantra while mixing in the excitement of tying your lover up in a safe sacred powerful expression, If deep surrender, mystery, bondage, domination, adventure and a touch of uncertainty turn you on – keep reading.

As grown ups, we have the ability to consciously explore our sexuality a bit more, we use tools from conscious kink around touch and consent negotiation. We combine these skills with erotic ritual and inner transformation as a shamanic journey through mind, body and soul to explore pieces of our inner erotic landscape from the lighter side to the deeper hidden psychology that might be in the shadows. This is where we might access our own personal hidden erotic gold. This process will help integrate these aspects of self leading to a further embodiment of what wholeness of self feels like.

Most common reasons for suppression of the shadow are to do with the people we’re attracted to, the types of sex acts we’d like to do or parts of our bodies we’d like to explore. The danger in suppressing our sexuality is that it doesn’t actually go away. It’s a part of us and it needs its outlets in order for us to be mentally and emotionally healthy. Finding safe and healthy ways to embrace with our shadow brings us to knowing ourselves better. As many of our Shadows are of a sexual nature, and sexuality is a powerful force to be reckoned with, it requires a high degree of alertness and awareness to explore the Shadow recesses of our mind.

Some of the benefits of exploring the erotic shadow in this way are: we know ourselves better, we are better capable of more intimacy, we are better equipped emotionally for what life might bring us, healing of old wounds and trauma while also releasing blockages in the body. When we know our own shadow we become more embodied and have more power in the world we live in. Consequently we easily become more sexually satisfied at a deeply profound level of our being as we expand our ability to give and receive pleasure.

Conscious Kink is important to our exploration of the Shadow as it allows us to explore any fetishes we might have in an empowering and nurturing way. We may explore what it’s like to engage in impact play (e.g. flogging or spanking) or we may create scenes where we find out what it’s like to give our power away to another person for a while.

Conscious Kink also allows for our darker erotic fantasies to be explored, and for this reason a large part of workshops is geared towards learning common tools for asserting boundaries and ensuring healthy methods for gaining authentic consent from those involved in our scene. Consent is everything.

The secret of tantra lies in its ability to integrate everything. For ages people have been fighting an unending war—the war of good and bad, right and wrong, virtue and sin, heaven and hell, sacred and mundane, freedom and bondage. Tantra has a remedy for this misery. This remedy works because a tantric seeks freedom in the world, not from the world. Here the sacred and the mundane are held together in harmonious balance.

Possibly you've played around with the magic of D/S in your sexual expression

Maybe you’ve read about it and its ability to alter states of consciousness, as a path for sexual healing and its transformative possibilities. This has been the most shunned aspect of our being by society, especially the darker sides of this expression.

The art of Dominance & Submission/Sacred BDSM plays with what might be seen as a darker side of our Eros.

Dark Tantra for Couples

Want to learn the Techniques of topping or bottoming ?

First of all, you and your partner must mutually decide that you are up to trying some BDSM.

Time to Play The Sensation Game! by playing with your lover’s keen bodily sensations. You can use various flavours and scents to create different reactions, but the skin is our largest body organ, so take advantage of it. Increasing its overall sensitivity prepares you to feel the erotic experience at the highest level.

Feathers Ticklish?! It will make both of you feel comfortable and relaxed. Use a silk scarf to slowly caress our lover’s entire body nose to toes. The created sensations depend upon the thickness of the receiver’s skin and the amount of nerve endings you are touching. Go from her toes, to her knees to her yoni and up to her breasts. She will shiver with absolute delight! Get Tied up.. How many times has your female lover been tied up or handcuffed before having one delicious orgasm after another? Bondage has always been popular in the BDSM world and definitely worth adding to your boudoir repertoire.

Sleep mask…Put that sleeping mask you got on your last international flight to good use. After enjoying the playful pleasure awaiting you, your body will be so relaxed you will no longer need it

Hands…Challenge your lover’s self-control and reward them accordingly. If he moves, Mistress will show him no mercy None!

Enjoy Smacking that Nasty Ass The raw sound of the hit, the touch of your lover’s hand against your hot naked skin and those unrehearsed moans of pleasure bursting out your lips are amazing!

Hair brush Be greedy and enjoy both sides of your hair brush. Those firm bristles can caress your lover’s skin while the flat part delivers a well deserved blow to his naughty, upturned ass.

Slippers…As a misbehaving child, were you ever threatened with a slipper spanking? Who would have guessed that you could enjoy giving and receiving this so much as an adult?


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Dec 08, 2019

That will be fantastic. Mr. Blackstock


Rodney Blackstock
Dec 08, 2019

Awesome blog entry...will need to schedule a tantric session soon

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