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36 Unique Sexual Fetishes

The following is a list of paraphilias or sources of sexual arousal

1* Acrotomophilia: Arousal to amputees

2* Actirasty: Arousal to the sun’s rays

3* Agalmatophilia: Arousal to statues

4* Anasteemaphilia: Arousal to a person of extreme stature, either giant or dwarf

5* Apotemnophilia: Arousal to oneself as an amputee

6* Autogynephilia: Arousal to oneself [male only] in the form of a woman

7* Autoplushophilia: Arousal to oneself dressed as a giant cartoon-like stuffed animal

8* Chasmophilia: Arousal to caverns, crevices, and valleys

9* Climacophilia: Arousal to falling down stairs

10* Coprophilia: Arousal to feces

11* Formicophilia: Arousal to insects

12* Frotteurism: Arousal to touching a stranger surreptitiously in a crowded place

13* Gerontophilia: Arousal to the elderly

14* Katoptronophilia: Arousal to sex in front of mirrors

15* Knismolagnia: Arousal to being tickled

16* Lithophilia: Arousal to stone and gravel

17* Melissaphilia: Arousal to bees and wasps

18* Nasolingus: Arousal to sucking on a person’s nose

19* Nebulophilia: Arousal to fog

20* Necrophilia: Arousal to corpses

21* Objectophilia: Arousal to a particular object, distinct from fetishism

22* Partialism: Arousal to a body part other than the reproductive organs, e.g., calves

23* Podophilia: Arousal to feet

24* Psellismophilia: Arousal to stuttering

25* Psychrophilia: Arousal to being cold and watching others who are cold

26* Pteronphilia: Arousal to being tickled by feathers

27* Pubephilia: Arousal to pubic hair

28* Pygophilia: Arousal to buttocks

29* Savantophilia: Arousal to the cognitively impaired or developmentally delayed

30* Stygiophilia: Arousal to the thought of hellfire and damnation

31* Titillagnia: Arousal to tickling other people

32* Transvestic Fetishism: Arousal to female garments touching the male’s skin

33* Urophilia: Arousal to urine or urinating others

34* Vorarephilia: Arousal to eating another person’s body parts

35* Xylophilia: Arousal to wood

36* Zoophilia: Arousal to nonhuman animals


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