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*The Fetish List – *Explore your kink!

This information has been collected from many Web sites, books and from my own knowledge and experience There seems to be some degree of difficulty discerning a fetish from role-playing or various scenes. A fetish is something that in and of itself is not necessarily sexual but that turns you on or something that just the thought of will elicit a reaction for you. Basically they say if it is a fetish it has to be outside of you physically, able to withstand your abuse and neglect and a bunch of other stuff which only applies to some of the fetishes which are most common.

Not everyone who is a practitioner of a fetish is a Top or a bottom, and if more people were to come to the understanding that a fetishist is not always a practitioner of D/s I believe it would alleviate a lot of the stress and concerns which are voiced out of all sides of the scene. These people are not playing games, they are exercising their right to kink, and trying to figure it all out - Be understanding and supportive you may be making a strong longtime friend. To someone out there these things are sexual. Not all of them will apply to anyone person and should give you some basic and general idea of what a fetish is, and whether or not you have any of the more common ones. Most fetishes will fall into one of four groupings

... Clothing and surroundings ... Actions ...Mental space or involvements, and personal. Clothing being attire of yourself and the surroundings. Actions being what’s going on around them, doing, watching. Involved or not. Mental space being where you and they are both emotionally and mentally, together AND individually. And personal being things like what the person looks like, the things they do. The things you find attractive about them.

So - Some of these fetish type things are: * Leather ... clothing, bonds, collars ... most people like the smell the feel the coolness and how it molds. *Body Hair ... Well, some people like it some don't. Guys who like hairy bush, sometimes armpits and legs too yes. Or women the like men with lots of chest hair ... Or more even. * Rubber ... Most people prefer this item as clothing, restraining stuff again. In the right weight and texture, it can be very soft, for use as sheets. As clothing it stimulates the outer layers of skin, and the skin becomes very sensitized. * Fingernails ... generally, they'll be on female hands long and painted any variety of colors. * Stilettos ... Those shoes with the really high thin heels, usually around 5-6". They shape the calf nicely, as well as make a lady taller. Many people find an urge to get on their knees and kiss and lick these. * Feet ... Big or small, smelly, dirty, clean, in shoes or socks heck even slippers. The foot fetish comes in more varieties than breakfast cereal so ask and be sure you're clear on this one. * Garter belts ... They hold up stockings ... Frame a bum, hips, and tummy nicely. Can have 2 straps to stockings per leg or up to like eight. Lots of people prefer garter belts and stockings to pantyhose. * Spanking ... To watch it or have it done. From light spanking to a welt raiser. Whether with an implement or a hand again a spanking fetish has many different variables and is very common. * Lace ... See-through and available in many colors, weights, Clothing and even used in surroundings and decorating it can be revealing and concealing both, at the same time. * Bondage ... Restraints of many varieties, be they hogtied with a rough rope, or softly held in fur-lined cuffs many possibilities come to mind with a bondage fetishist. Upright, prone, bound to themselves, furniture, or specially designed restraining apparatus this fetish is both popular and common one to not only watch but do. * PVC ... Another fabric, used in fetish clothing. PVC is like rubber-coated stretch fabric. * Blindfolds ... Used to remove one of the five senses, to develop trust and to heighten the other senses, many people enjoy a blindfold on occasion with their sex. Creates and heightens many emotions. * Short Skirts ... Need I say more? * Anal ... Look at em ... Feel em ... Kiss em ... Penetrate em ...Fist em * Legs/Stockings ... Being as a leg goes in stocking these ones go together. Some like legs bare, some like seamed, some like silk. * Water Sports ... This is commonly referred to as peeing. Some people like to have it done on them, some like to drink it, others like it to be done inside of them in one fashion or another. * Tits ... Panties ... all kinds. On all shapes of people, clean and dirty. *Metal Clothing ... Commonly referred to as chain-mail. Some like it for the weight, the relative transparency, the feeling of protection, the cool metal. * Lingerie ... Crossdressers, straight men and women, whether its how you look in it, the feel of it, or how someone else looks in their more private attire. * Older Playmates ... * Public Places ... *Size differences ... Big or little lots of us like our partners to have a different body shape and size than our own. * Inanimate Objects ... Dildos, vibrators, hairbrush handles, screwdriver handles, bottles, ALL kinds of different things fall into this category. * Accents ... ie. Irish, Scottish, Australian etc. * Married Playmates ... Some people like married partners because they seem more unattainable, others because the commitment is less ... But the fetish seems to center on having someone else’s partner. *Skin Tone Variations ... I’m sure you can fathom it. For some, a difference in a skin tone is a very stimulating thing. The contrast of the tones has come to be an accepted fetish. Black, white, oriental, or a shade of brown. Nipples ... big, small, inverted, sticking way out, long, cones, points ... * Muscles ... lots, a little, tummies, arms, legs. Most of us prefer some tone at least. * Unconventional Locations ... The everywhere but the bedroom person. Cars, countertops, a friends bathroom. *A Hypnotizing Stare ... Look deep into my eyes, tell me you want me. To feel me, to smell me ... *Sex Trade Professionals ... Strippers, the girl behind the counter in the adult store, sex counselors, lots of people have a weakness for both men and women falling into this category. *Shaving ... doing it, having it done, the feel of smooth skin is a common fetish for either sex. * Biker Types ... Male or female. * Well Endowed Men ... Length, width, balls * Body Worship ... The pampering and spoiling of one's person. Being bathed, kissed and licked, massages. Some prefer to get, some prefer to give. * Sensual Stimulation ... Fingers, feathers or pinwheels, hot wax, ice. Some people just like to feel something a little less common than the same everyday touch. *Filling of Orifices ... Fisting, and stretching anal or vaginal. Male or female some like to do it some like to have it done.

*Gender Bending ... Boys being girls and girls being boys. Clothing, demeanor, make up all of it or some of it might apply.

*Labia ... Big, small, long, pierced ... Just give me pussy lips. *Tight Clothing ... * Nudity ... In public, or watching through a window. Watching it, looking at themselves naked, or others. *Smothering ... Come here and sit on my face and enjoy yourself ... Some people prefer a big bust line smothering them, some prefer an ass, some like thighs around the neck. * Semi-Transparent Clothing ... * Exhibitionism ... Everything to streaking in a hotel to having someone watch you masturbate, or having sex. * Voyeurism ... Wanna watch??? * Corsets ... Trim the waist, accentuate both hips and busts. Long or short corsets, with or without garters for stockings. They come in many styles and colors. *Cock and Ball Torture ... spanked, or weighted, tied off, held apart, pierced, clamped, clipped, frozen, heated .

* Clamps ... Tend to be bigger and heavier than clips. * Weights ... Fishing weights, from lil ones to great big honking ones. They can be attached to permanent or temporary piercings, genitals, or clamps * Clips ... The most common variety being your common clothes peg. They are usually smaller and have more of a "pinch" than a "bite". They can be found in very small sizes. The smaller the clip the tighter the pinch. * Satin/Silk ... Soft, shimmer, slippery. In sheets, clothing, lingerie, and even underwear * Piercing ... Metal and flesh joined. a reclaiming of one's self. Decoration or a means to it piercing of the sexual anatomies including tongues, nipples, genitals and belly buttons. * Nail Polish ... All colors and with or without special effects. Some people just find painted nails a weakness. *Humiliation ... Verbal abuse, some like various degrees of physical stuff happening, some like it in public, others prefer it to be private. * Wrestling ... Some people like to watch two ladies wrestle, some like the thought of being wrestled into submission. With or without oils and grease. Male, female, both. * Various smells ... Perfume, flowers, leather, pussy, sex, incense, scented candles, are some of the smells that turn people * Facial Hair ... Beards or mustaches, goatee * Collar ... For some people, the sight of a collar elicits a discernible physical reaction. * Hands ... Hmmmmmm nice hands on your body, inside of it. Touch, and shape. * Long Head Hair ... They might like it just tickling over them or prefer to have their parts wrapped in it, but long head hair can be a most effective sexual tool ... * Confinement ... Small spaces for extended periods. ... Like a jail cell ... A box ... A cage... The running the commonality is either being a prisoner and treated as such, or an animal. Human Furniture ... You might want to mold into the furniture ... so why not be it. A table, a stool, a table, a chair, a coat rack ... Who knows but the human body can be many things Furniture however neither moves nor speaks.

* Group Encounters ... Trading, swapping, orgies, * Anonymous Encounters ... I don't want to know your name or anything about you, but I'd LOVE to get into your pants. *Forced Feminization ... Tie me up, dress me in frilly clothes, put makeup on me, humiliate me. Make me be a girl whether I want it or not.

*Diapers ... Or adult babies. Some like this form of play others don't. * Body Painting ... With food, or edible paints, or even neon ones some people find the sensations of the brush and or the look of painted flesh very yummy!! *Tattoos ... to some people tattoo is far and away from the sexiest thing someone could ever wear.

* Fur ... Snuggle me in it, let me feel it against my skin. * Braziers ... Lace, underwired, push up, cotton, black, white ... * Trampling ... Like as in underfoot yes. In bare feet, heels, boots or running shoes. Walk on me ... Jump on me ... Stomp me like a bug. *Culcockery ... This would be if I were to tie up my husband and make him watch as I had sex with someone else. Especially if the significant other would really rather not watch. *Mummification ... A complete covering of the body leaving one less than mobile. The fabrics used should be breathable though as complete body coverage heats the body quickly. * Trans Gendered Play Mates ... Most of these individuals are on their way from becoming one sex to the other. They will have (usually) tits and a cock. *Hermaphrodites ... A rare breed ... These people possess the sexual anatomies of BOTH SEXES. A penis and a vagina * Uniforms ... Military, police, medical, mailman, firemen, whatever gimme a uniform and I'll show ya hormone. Some people are only interested in certain uniforms.


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