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Tantra and the Chakra system

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

The theory of the subtle body and its energy centers called cakras (or padmas (lotuses), ādhāras, lakṣyas (focal points), etc.) comes from the tradition of Tantrik Yoga, which flourished from 600-1300 CE, and is still alive today. The energy body (sūkshma-sharīra) is an extraordinarily fluid reality, as we should expect of anything nonphysical and supersensuous. The energy body can present, experimentially speaking, with any number of energy centers, depending on the person and the yogic practice they're performing.

I don’t want to get bogged down with too much background on the chakras, but I do think it’s worth mentioning that current Western chakra writing primarily focuses on chakras from the perspective of health – mental, emotional and physical health. That’s a relatively new development in the history of chakras, because classic sources (which are mostly Indian and Tibetan) were interested in them for occult and spiritual purposes. I feel both are valid, but my focus here is more on the latter, and thus some of what you read might be quite different from sources that are more health oriented.

Chakras are energetic points all over your body that are vortexes for energy to move through. While they hold many non-physical properties, it’s easy to see if the major centers are opened or closed by observing patterns in your everyday life. Sexuality and spirituality are both deeply personal and connected to our life force energy. Our attitudes about life, love, care and compassion are all connected to our feelings about sexuality. We all came to this earth through a sexual act. If life is sacred, then so is sexuality.

Root chakra:

The root chakra, the foundation of the human energy system, governs our basic needs for safety and security. Located at the base of the spine, it is associated with the color red. A healthy and open root chakra is required for all sexual connections because we must be willing to trust our partners. It’s linked to our survival and connection to the earth but it’s also linked to our most carnal desires.

Sacral chakra:

The sex chakra is the place where the more subtle power of the feminine exists. It’s the broad expanse within us, the acceptance of self and others, the shapeless femininity that leads with a gentle hand. This is the place that houses creativity and reproduction and the broader sense of love. Does it include sex? Yes, but more from a sensual perspective. Where the sensual energy will build and move up along your body, taking your experience to a higher level of connection.

Solar plexus:

When the solar plexus is clear, we can have generous, unselfish ego-free sex without expectations. We will be opened to sexual gratitude and appreciation. This chakra relates to personal power, boundaries, creativity, and identity. Tantra on the other hand, does not discriminate between the earthly and divine energies. On the contrary, it teaches us that enlightenment comes with the harmonious union between the two. And since the Solar Plexus is the gateway between earth and spirit, it is by clearing this chakra that this union can be achieved.

Heart chakra:

Is the center of compassion and where both self love and universal love stems from It integrates the masculine and feminine principles within us, and we no longer seek our “missing half” outside ourselves. Soft and hard, receptivity and creativity cease to be opposites, as these principles are joined in a delicate harmony. The heart center allows us to recover an innocence that makes us playful angelic, sensual, not needs-based, its all about service, universal love, friendship, soft and intimate and inspired. We know who we are and we accept ourselves, which brings us joy and peace.

Throat chakra:

is important for creating clear communication between you and your partner so you can express what you need. Deals with our expression in the world. The external expression, from us outside – to communicate with those around us, to communicate us – our desires and needs. The inner expression – our familiarity with ourselves, to begin to conduct honest and genuine internal speech and conversation among ourselves, without judgment, criticism, acknowledgment of our feelings, feelings, without embellishing, repressing or ignoring everything that exists within us. The connection between these two chakras is the sacred connection. Sacred sexuality. The connection of our self with the outside. The connection of physical communication, physical, emotional, sensory, real and sincere, pure, delicate, connected to astrology/space/time, mysterious, goes beyond the physical

3rd eye chakra:

When Third Eye energies are connected between two people, it can impact their relationship in some profound ways. A couple’s Third Eye energies form a strong bond when two people are in sync intellectually, in their dreams, goals, feelings, attitudes, and needs. Additionally, when your Third Eye is open to your partner, you have an ability to clearly share a relationship of mutual respect and trust that deeply satisfies you both.

Crown chakra:

If we think of the body, mind and spirit as one, then to have a sense of wholeness associated with our sexuality is to be tuned into all aspects of our being–our spiritual life, senses, feelings and thoughts. Sexuality is something we each possess and have available for our pleasure whether or not we are with a partner. In many ways the spiritual journey is about making love to ourselves in a myriad of ways–listening to our hearts, being honest, following our calling in life, giving ourselves pleasure and tapping into the wonder of the life force energy which people call God, Great Spirit, Goddess, Allah, Universal Energy, to name a few. Part of our sexual awakening can also be through making physical love to ourselves–taking time to pleasure ourselves, get to know our bodies and feel comfortable with our smells, sensations and erotic feelings. It’s important not to depend solely on another person for sexual pleasure. We need to know it belongs to each of us and is ours to experience and enjoy.


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