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Sacred Union With Self

In Tantra we bring union of masculine and feminine as a portal to higher consciousness. This union in Tantric lineages is known as Ardhanarishwar. No one will ever attain a perfect balance of the feminine and masculine. We’re all born with both yin and yang energies; we all have the potential to lean more towards one polarity or the other. No matter what ‘gender’ you are you still need both the divine feminine and the sacred masculine within you. Duality is key. The feminine is creative and fluid and emotive. The masculine is analytical and logical and strong. We need both aspects to be whole. Our masculine energy helps us to stop being so scattered, our feminine energy helps us to feel safe and nurtured. The masculine side will give you the purpose to do something, yet the feminine side will determine HOW you do it these energies are even demonstrated in our bodies; the left side of the brain is considered "more logical and analytical" and is responsible for reasoning and language; it is therefore associated with male energy. Meanwhile, the right side of the brain is believed to be the "more artistic and spiritual" side and is responsible for addressing one's emotions; it is therefore related to the feminine.

What shifts that paradigm, though, is the understanding that those polarities can be completely divorced from our construct of gender and that we all contain myriad, often dynamic, combinations of both.

It is not up to the divine feminine to inspire the divine masculine, or vice versa. We are all responsible for our own male/female divinity within, and then it will be reflected outside of ourselves. Have the courage to do your inner work, balancing your two aspects. The less duality within, the more Oneness you will see in your world. masculine ~ feminine. We cannot have one without the other. One does not exist were it not for the creation of the opposite action.

Divine masculine and feminine energy exists in all things—including people—and in a world dominated by masculine energy, more and more people today are looking to tap into the divine feminine. This means that despite our cultural associations of masculine and feminine with men and women, respectively, we all have both energies within us. They just might not be evenly balanced.

All of mankind has intrinsic Divine Masculine characteristics, such as logic, rationality, strength and leadership. These aspects of human personality or behaviors are deemed masculine, and depending on their expression through an individual, they can be balanced or imbalanced. A healthy representation of the Divine Masculine is witnessed through a person who is strong, but gentle. He has an appropriate action of guidance and leadership without the need of praise or ego-stroking. He turns away from greed and conflict, and instead stays in a space of honor, honesty and diplomacy. He is confident but not arrogant, and adventurous but not reckless. He is someone you want to follow and makes you feel safe, supported and protected either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

A healthy representation of the Divine Feminine is kind, generous, wise and supportive. With the continued growth of mankind dependent on the health of its women, the Divine Feminine represents the ultimate mother–fertile, intuitive, patient, nurturing and healing. She is the representation of growth, not just in a physical way, but also emotionally and spiritually. We all birth something – an idea, a friendship, a business plan, a family – and it is the Divine Feminine within us all that brings it into full fruition. What makes the relationship between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine so special is their dance of synchronicity. It is a balance of giving & taking, caring and receiving, pushing the limitations and evolving in fulfilment.

When they both work together, they dance and form a spiral, moving upwards, thriving and growing. The two sides of your body are reflecting these energies: left being predominately feminine and the right side being more masculine.

The Feminine is like the designer while the Masculine is the craftsman. While in a relationship, a man and a woman who both fully embraced the twin energies will be able to build a rich, creative and fulfilling union.

When the Masculine decides to trust his intuition more and accepts his feelings as spiritual guidance, he will connect to the Feminine and the Universe in a unique, magical way.

As for the rise of the Divine Feminine, it re-affirms her natural power and Divine Wisdom, she becomes a fertile ground for all creation while remaining in connection with her consciousness which is the greatest gift of all.

When masculine energy is too dominant you may not feel valued, nurtured, or appreciated. You'll feel tired, stressed, overworked and unloved. It doesn't help when society encourages this by rewarding a masculine, ego-driven way of being. When masculine energy is too dominant you may not feel valued, nurtured, or appreciated. You'll feel tired, stressed, overworked and unloved. It doesn't help when society encourages this by rewarding a masculine, ego-driven way of being. You can see the interplay that happens between the two. The masculine pursues, plans, and focused. The feminine enjoys creating, dreaming, and unfolding. They need one another.

Chinese writings describing Yin and Yang more than 3,000 years ago to Carl Jung and his revelations on the Anima and Animus to psychologists defining the right and left brain as masculine and feminine to modern energy healers defining the whole left side of the body as feminine and the right as masculine, we as humans have sought out the divine separations of male and female. It makes sense that today’s seeker would struggle to understand just what all the fuss is about. Let’s take each in turn and try to come to some understanding.

Originally, Yin and Yang were not meant to apply to the sexes of mankind. The earliest relics depict an attempt to describe opposites. The day is full of light and night is absent of light or the sunny side of the mountain is bright while the shady side lives in shadow are a more apt description of early Yin/Yang.

Take a look at which aspects of your life where one side falls short and is not supporting the other side. Some of us don’t have a very strong connection to either the divine masculine or feminine energies. This can especially show up in specific areas of our life where we are easily triggered, unbalanced and cannot seem to move forward. Or, we aren't creative and we don't listen to what our heart is calling us to do because we may think that it is a waste of time and not important.


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