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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

On the Native American Medicine Wheel there are four spirit paths. Each leads from a Spirit Keeper to the sacred center space of the wheel where true spiritual enlightenment is found.

The paths extends inward from the outer circle of life depicted by the Spirit Guides and the annual moons to the inner circle of seven stones that represent the elements of life depicted by The Creator, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, Earth Mother, the Turtle Clan (earth), Frog Clan (water), Thunderbird Clan (fire), and Butterfly Clan (air).

On each path are three stones representing the steps on the paths to the center of our lives and enlightenment.

The path from the East is the path of a sound mind and healing the mind. The stepping stones are Clarity, Wisdom, and Illumination. The Spirit Keeper for walking this path is Giniw Gold Eagle

First gift from the Spirit Keeper of the East

Clarity - Unclouded. Free from darkness.

Spirit Guide animal is Hummingbird Plant Totem is Rosemary The stone is Mica color of this stone is Silvery translucent

It is not commonly known that the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol – further solidifying their symbolism of eternity, continuity, and infinity. Hummingbird animal totem meaning is about energetic resources. These lovely creatures are a great reminder of how we expend our own energy. When hummingbirds show up in our lives, it’s a good time to take a look at our energy-stores and resources. hummingbirds warrant an honest look at how we are maintaining our vibrational frequencies. Are we frittering away our energy on needless issues (ie: worry, fear, lack)? Or, are we in a state of well-honed, regulated balance when it comes to our energy and resources?

Rosemary is our plant totem for this gift of Spirit. Drink Rosemary tea when you need to clear your mind - to think clearly. Placing some Rosemary in your dream pillow, or just under your pillow will help you to dream clearly, and to remember them as well.

The stone is Mica

Phlogopite Mica is used to bring energy from the four cardinal directions, Mother Earth, and Father Sky. It is a stone said to bring and speed evolution and revolution in all areas, bringing you to your proper path. It is also used to remove spiritual blocks. Phlogopite is a stone of flexibility of perception and adaptation of that perception to integrate the past, present and future. It is used extensively in channeling, including blocks to conscious awareness during channeling. Phlogopite Mica is said to be helpful for relieving mental anguish. Phlogopite is  beneficial for back pain, muscle relaxation, retaining teeth, integrity of bone structure, mononucleosis symptoms. Phlogopite mica energetically filters electromagnetic pollution. It opens metaphysical abilities and activates all the chakras. Use it to find the gifts hidden in the darker corners of your soul to remove block to spiritual development. It is ideal for medicine wheel or Earth mother ceremonies. Phlogopite mica keeps the auric and physical bodies free of pollutant energy. Its high magnesium content energetically strengthens bones and tooth enamel, it assists nutrient and vitamin assimilation, enzyme function, energy transfer and correct working of the body.

The color for this position, the first in the Spirit Path from the East, is Translucent Clear, like the wings of our Hummingbird when hovering.  East in the Wheel is also the time of Spring.  You can also think of this color as like that of raindrops falling on a warm spring day.  "Dancing With The Wheel" says that this color is  "good to work with for spiritual support when your brain says no, but your heart and spirit say yes."

Second Gift of the Spirit Keeper of the East

Wisdom - Knowledge and sense. Intelligence and foresight.

Spirit Guide animal is gookooko'oo Owl Plant totem Sage The stone is Jade color of this stone is Jade

You cannot deceive Owl, which is why this Spirit Animal reminds us to remain true to ourselves, our voice and our vision. Owl does not tolerate illusion or secrets. If there are skeletons in the closet you can trust that Owl will find them and start house cleaning. Like the owl, which is known for its sharp vision and keen observation, you also possess insight and intuition. The meaning of the owl also has something to do with change or transition. It denotes an approaching event that will affect life as you know it.

With Owl energy surrounding your soul you can look into the past, present and future with uncanny accuracy. We aware that as a Spirit Animal, Owl often calls on us to release the past and put down burdens that hold us back. You have to face your shadows and fears, then move beyond them to find true happiness.

Plant totem Sage

There are two types of sage, each with its own distinct qualities and uses. Smoke from white sage (Artemesia califoncia) is used for purification of mind, body and spirit and sacred articles in advance of prayers and ceremonies. White sage is burned for meditation, smudging and cleansing of spirit and dwelling. In some beliefs, white sage smoke is believed to provide a barrier that prevents negative spirits from entering the room in which the ceremony is being held.

Desert sage (Salvia apiana) has been revered by First Peoples for its medicinal attributes long before the study of microbiology entered the universe. The ancient belief in desert sage as a healing plant is “verified” by scientific analysis of its properties that show it contains certain polyphenals which are natural antioxidants that protect cells from toxins and organisms in the environment that cause infections; it is anti fungal, antiseptic and an astringent.

The stone is Jade

Jade gives you the wisdom to be able to see past self-imposed limitations and helps you shed that outdated can't-win-don't-try attitude. Incorporate Jade into your daily meditation and have the courage to discover your divine inner truth while discarding any negative patterns holding you back from your full potential.

Jade is not always the blue-green or light green mineral rock that many people think of when they say something is the color of jade. While jade meaning is rooted in calm wisdom, healing and protection, each jade color carries a slightly different jade meaning and power.

Black jade meaning represents the gemstone's particular ability to protect by warding off negative physical or psychological assault, especially the negative energies associated with self-defeat. Blue jade meaning is about calm, inner peace and reflection. It is very useful for encouraging dreams and visions. The mind is calmed with blue jade.Brown jade meaning has to do with staying well-grounded. Brown jade strengthens a connection with the earth while imparting comfort and a sense of reliability. Lavender jade meaning has to do with spiritual support. It heals emotional pain while nourishing spiritually. Lavender jade vibrates at the highest ethereal level. Orange jade meaning is all about the joy that can be achieved through connections with all living beings. Purple jade meaning is focused on the aura. Happiness and mirth are brought about with purple jade while it eliminates negativity and supports a higher level of discernment. Red jade meaning has to do with the life force. Use of red jade reduces fears while it encourages action and strengthens the life-force energy. White jade meaning has to do with better focus. The use of white jade reduces distractions to allow for a better grasp on helpful, relevant information. It improves the decision-making process. Yellow jade meaning is all about a cheerful, energetic way of being. Use of yellow jade enhances assimilation and discrimination.

color of this stone is from Jade Green to black.

Jade can bring the serenity that is necessary for making good decisions drawn from one's deepest wisdom. Serenity, courage, justice and wisdom are important Spiritual gifts gained.

these colors help you develop the ability to use accumulated experience and knowledge in a positive manner, and invites in the wisdom of the elders.

The 3rd Gift from the Spirit Keeper of the East

Illumination - To enlighten. Cast light upon.

Spirit Guide animal is waawaatesi Firefly Plant totem American Ginseng The stone is Calcite color of this stone is Florescent Blue

However, as darkness falls, fireflies turn into the remarkable (and beautiful) illuminators of the night. This seeming contradiction serves as the firefly’s animal totem’s most fundamental symbol in the spiritual world: things are not always the way they seem. The firefly symbolism reminds us that our paths are made lighter if we allow beauty and grace to fill our lives. There is no heat in Firefly’s light display. It is, instead, a natural process for them. They expend no excess energy. This is an excellent lesson for those who are workaholics and others who simply never stop and breathe. It is essential to monitor your energy and resources for success in your endeavors. As the saying goes, “Waste not; want not.” This spirit guide inculcates in you the value of simplicity. It urges you to rely on your inner voice to illuminate your life.

Plant totem American Ginseng

Plant spirits are teachers, guides, and allies.  From before we had recorded history in any culture, the plant spirits were there, growing with us, guiding us, healing us, and supporting us on our journey. Plants have long been friends of humans–and have long walked beside us, hand in hand, as we do our sacred work.  And today, we’ll explore ways we can offer that same kind of honor, respect, and nurturing in return–on both a local and global scale, given that we are in the age of the Anthropocene. Of all the medicinal herbs known to mankind, ginseng is perhaps the most legendary of all—and with good reason: it’s health benefits are truly extraordinary, so much so, in fact, that Chinese emperors once valued the plant more than gold itself. Widely considered a healing panacea in the ancient system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the root of the ginseng plant has deeply rejuvenating, restorative and strengthening effects that work to elevate the health of all bodily systems: mind, body, spirit and beyond.

Ginseng emits a slight fluorescence at night, drawing you to it like the inner light of an illumined being.

The stone is Calcite

Calcite Crystals are some of the most abundant types of crystals that can be found on earth. They can be found all over the world, and they are often mixed with other stones as well.

Colors include: colorless, grey, yellow, red, pink, orange, green, blue-brown and black. Calcite is also often fluorescent.

Calcite Crystals can ground you, center you, and bring you inner peace. If you’re unsure where you need to go, this crystal can help you use your talents and abilities to discover your life purpose. It can strengthen your intuition, your wisdom, and your spirituality. This crystal can clear the blockages and the negative energies in your body.

color of this stone is florescent Blue

Whenever you are seeking more illumination and or light try to use this color. The vibrations of florescent blue are quite strong so use only what you need to help you on your quest.

The path from the South is path of healthy emotions and emotional healing. The stepping stones are Growth, Trust and Love. The Spirit Keeper for walking this path is waawaabiganoojiinh Mouse

First gift from the Spirit Keeper of

Growth - To become. To change from one state to another. To advance.

Spirit Guide animal is manidoo-waabooz Rabbit Plant totem Comfery The stone is Fluorite

color of this stone is  Violet

In many myths and legends Rabbits act as guides between heaven, earth and the underworld. As such they’re a potent emblem of Shamanic journeys and may even be called upon to monitor those rituals. As a power animal this can translate into various types of fertility from a glorious garden and financial abundance to starting a family. For this to happen, let your power animal teach you the power of silence. It is only when we are quite that the Divine can get a word in edgewise. Once your spirit stills, Rabbit can guide you in taking the right moves for embracing prospects and getting out of a rut. Rabbits are guides into the shadow world, where our personal fears lie. When the rabbit shows up it is time to examine those deep reflexive fears that hold you back from growing. Do you keep bounding for the safety of your old patterns every time something new or challenging presents itself? If the answer is yes, the rabbit asks you to face your fears with compassion for yourself. You must accept that it is part of human nature to feel fear at times, but also believe that our fears need not paralyze our growth and movement.

Plant totem Comfrey

Native Americans used comfrey to treat bloody discharge from the oral, anal, or urinary orifices.  Traditionally, comfrey was used to create a plaster to set and cure broken bones giving it the name knit bone. Comfrey has also been used in racehorse feed, as a liquid fertilizer, and to treat animal wounds. The roots and leaves of comfrey are used medicinally.  Traditionally, comfrey was used to create a plaster to set and cure broken bones giving it the name knit bone.  Externally, the plant is used as a poultice to reduce swelling around bones, treat cuts and burns, and a compress can be made to treat varicose veins.  Until recently, comfrey has been used to treat a wide variety of problems internally (including arthritis, asthma, and anemia) though mostly used as a tonic or tea to treat ulcers.  Native Americans used comfrey to treat bloody discharge from the oral, anal, or urinary orifices. 

The stone is Fluorite

Fluoride crystal works to boost peacefulness and clear focus in your environment, making it a must-have for those times when you need to concentrate. The Fluorite crystal stone meaning can be used as a power source that magnifies everything around it, including other gemstones. This makes it a popular tool to include in healing layouts, especially if you're feeling mentally blocked.

This balancing and grounding stone anchors your ideas by giving structure to your thought process during challenging times. When you're put to the test, ask the Fluorite crystal to clear your head of toxic psychic debris and transform those thoughts into new ideas and innovations. Sow the seeds of inspiration with the Fluorite crystal, your stepping-stone to better decision-making and enhanced concentration.

If you’re facing big challenges ahead, summon the healing white light of Fluorite by sitting quietly with the stone and giving it an intention. Follow your breath, inhaling peace and clarity while exhaling confusion and chaos. Let your breathing slow to a natural pace and inhale the peaceful vibes of the universe, exhaling turmoil and letting it all go with each breathe. Rinse and repeat until you feel a deep relaxation that helps clear the fog of your mind. With a clear head, fully experience all the intricate details of our beautiful world.

This therapeutic session allows you to free yourself from stressful thoughts and also sharpens your awareness of your immediate environment. Using the power of Fluorite, feel emotional and physical pain leaving your body and discover the sensation of being free from mental blocks. The more you work with Fluorite, the more you’ll be able to focus on what’s important.

color of this stone is Violet

If you need assistance in growing or are working on obtaining this use this color on you and around you. Color vibrations are very important, and often overlooked in out life

Second Gift of the Spirit Keeper of the

Trust - To place confidence in the reliance on the integrity and friendship of another.

Spirit Guide animal is Salmon Plant totem Borage The stone is Lepidolite

color of this stone is   Lavender