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Shamanistic Tantra

Is drawn from Wiccan, Druidic, and Shamanic roots, which have been practiced for thousands of years to the present day. There are many similarities in the philosophy between Medicine People and Shamans, we work intuitively an with the energy and spirit of the earth.

Shamanic tantra is fluid and guided through each person’s connection to the divine, and their sense of what is right for them. All is One in the Divine mystery of Existence, and the Divine is the ultimate joy, freedom, harmony, and highest beauty of all. It is about a fully incarnation-al spirituality everything is to be experienced playfully, yet with awareness and a sense of sacredness in every gesture, and every action. The path of Tantra is a spiritual one, which includes and appreciates the experience of our sexuality and sensuality as a conscious meditation, as a flowing together of the physical, erotic and cosmic energies.

We dance in the energy of love, a merging of spiritual-sexual integration, using movement, breath, sound and rhythm to open up or awaken your senses to being present to what is our sense of original innocence united with an ecstasy rising within.

With the combination of Teachings we honor being fully present to the innocent sensations of our body and purifying all energies and thoughts of twisted connotations so our entire body/mind system is open to the Breath of Life — the free flowing Spirit of the Divine discover for yourself the Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine within your own heart and mind that enable you to attain mastery of the breath, thought, and the natural process of the body towards ecstatic pleasure and love for yourself that you never knew existed. Connect with our mother earth an the universe at the same time feel nurtured, honored an totally at peace with yourself and those around you.

Our innocent physical body with all its divinely designed sensations mingled with the cosmic divine. When the two become mirrors which clearly reveal the present state of our soul which unites them. All ways of perceiving, feeling, interpreting, and responding joyously, clear sighted, loving and free from within our soul.

Native Americans believe everything is connected from the smallest grain of sand to the farthest star, Plants , animals all have a spirit that we can learn from, be guided on our journey of not only self love but Sacred sexuality also . In fact, they interweave and spiral with each other, spirals being a geometric pattern often used to describe earth-centered spirituality. This natural connectedness is creatively free, courageous, innovative, trans-formative, and liberated, from constrictive and divisive fear-based taboos.

Here you connect to Spirit, Breath of life, Soul gazing, channeling of life energy, and the connection to the 5 universal elements.

* Connecting to Spirit *

It is the balanced blend of pure Spirit and pure sexual essence in our system, carrying us deeper into the heart of our hearts. This is where we begin our journey a spiraling circle of practice, . Through our connection of spirit, we learn to connect not only to ourselves, and to see that we too are divine beings. We do this mostly through meditation, visualization, and trance journey, familiarizing ourselves with the feeling of spirit moving within us we learn to move our sacred energy up and down, out and in… with the harmony of slow, conscious movements, breath and awareness, flow in the wild, care free circulation of ecstatic, pure, wise and innocent Life and able to connect with the universal energy for healing, balance.

* Breath of Life *

Shaman or medicine Wo/man use guided meditation, breath work, to open our hearts and keeping them open is a fundamental practice. Daily practice of various breath techniques, as well as simply remembering to breathe through a painful or difficult emotion, is the first step to opening ourselves to bliss and joy. In relationships we learn to breathe together, a practice of natural purification and liberated awareness synchronizing breath in an attempt to synchronize our energies to open us to Heaven and Earth in ever-increasing Love and beauty.

* Soul Gazing *

Soul gazing is the process of looking deeply within and connecting. This practice is most easily begun alone, through meditation and then through mirror gazing. Once you are comfortable with these solo practices, then it is easier to move into gazing into the eyes of a partner being aware of the Cosmic connection to not only each other and everything around us. It is about knowing and understanding that we are part of everything, and everything is a part of us the very earth and skies, trees and rocks, animals and plants.

* Channeling the Oenikika *

The sexual life force energy that flows through the body has many names, Chi, Ki, Qi, Kunda, Parana, Oenikika, Serpent Power, Sacred Fire. It is the source of life, which is the driving force of all sacred sexuality. Through sacred sexuality, all forms of all things within the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms, have been and continue to be created. Life could not exist without the sexual life-force energy of the void, which is the catalyst for all the powers that are found throughout our bodies to create a state of intense alertness and life.

*The Elements of Ecstasy *

The elements of ecstasy are the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water broken down into their light and dark, masculine and feminine components. We can commune with these elements that are both within us and all around us in nature through touch, movement, visualization, and ceremony.

Element Earth and the Power of Body. This is the physical dimension and the sensing realm. Pay attention to the sensations in your body, to your biological needs, and to your physical health.

Element Air and the Power of Mind. This is the mental dimension and the thinking realm. Pay attention to your thought processes, to your ability to reason, to your attitudes, and to your mental health.

Element Fire and the Power of Action. This is the behavioral dimension and the doing realm. Pay attention to your repertoire of activities, to the amount of time you allot to work and to play, to the quality of your alone time, to the nature of your interactions with others, and to your behavioral health.

Element Water and the Power of Emotions. This is the emotional dimension and the feeling realm. Pay attention to your moods, to your feelings about yourself and about others, to the levels of intimacy and trust in your relationships, and to your emotional health.

The free flow of energy through the body and the creation of a feeling of connectedness to all that is depends on both elements and chakras being in harmony. Balancing and connecting to these energies allows us to lead more balanced and connected lives.

* Sacred Marriage *

In solo work, divine union describes a marriage of the masculine and feminine energies within oneself, balancing our tendencies to be active, Inactive with our ability to receive, and to give so that our inner masculine and feminine energies work together in harmony. Divine union also explores our connection with the natural world, with the life force energy in the spirits of the plants, the rocks, and the animals. Honoring our ancestors and expressing our intentions and feelings to one another, couple's dedication to filling their new lives with peace and happiness.

* Re-connecting to Spirit *

Once we have gone deeply into sacred marriage with another or with ourselves, we circle back to our connection with spirit, to the safety and protection of being grounded to the earth and open to the sky. are intertwined in the practice, and often a moving back and forth between the two is required for deep healing of emotional, mental, sexual, and spiritual blocks.

Everything we do is a great circle of oneness, acceptance, love and connection with ourselves an the world around us we are connected to each-other, and to the spirit in all things,




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