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Benefits of A Tantric Massage

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Unlike the traditional Western massage, the Tantric massage is stimulating and relaxing at the same time and aims at awakening the senses, and channeling and releasing the sexual energy. It is, in essence, a sensual massage, which could incorporate some breathing or gazing exercises that strengthen the bond between the giver and the receiver and during the session all body areas are touched and caressed. When used as a part of the complete Tantric approach, it helps men and women accomplish higher material and spiritual goals, search for harmony and union, and reach equilibrium between the spiritual and the physical. When practiced between partners, the techniques could be used to spice up their physical relationship, add new dimension to their sex life, and help them become even closer. The Tantric massage also delivers total relaxation and when you find yourself in the hands of a highly skilled therapist, you will certainly find the experience rejuvenating and unforgettable. It is one of the most effective and pleasurable ways to relive stress, release sexual energy, and unwind at the end of a stressful day or week.

Once you have experienced the magic of this ancient massage art, you will always be coming back again and again!

The touch is one of the most intimate anyone can experience, no matter which part of the body is being touched. Allowing someone access to your body is a sacred act and one that deserves respect. Allowing someone to touch and caress intimate parts of your body is an act of trust as well. Not everyone may be comfortable with this, however, let us look at a few benefits that intimate caressing can convey.

Embracing intimacy

Tantric massage is the art of massage of the whole body to help a person explore their spirituality. It also allows building blocks to be put in place if any individual has a problem with sexual intimacy or any blocks to enjoying a sexual freedom. This is why it is important to respect and trust your qualified and sensitive therapist. The therapist will be mindful of your needs when you attend a tantric massage session and they may even outline some of the benefits of tantric massage for you, if you are not aware of the full range of positive energy flow it can create.

Blood flow enhanced

Any massage will increase blood flow. This is helpful as the blood can become sluggish, particularly if you have a sedentary lifestyle. The blood needs to flow to every muscle and tendon in order to help invigorate it and remove any toxins that may be stored there.

Heightened sexual arousal in achieving orgasm easily

Tantric massage will not only relax you in mind and body, it will also help you face your sexual fears and inadequacies. By enjoying the sensations of touch in its many forms, you can feel liberated and more sexually alive than before. Sometimes, it is beneficial to have a stranger, albeit a trained masseuse, carry out the tantric massage, as you may feel more able to convey your thoughts and feelings in an atmosphere of serenity where judgements are suspended. Your therapist will help you to explore and expand your consciousness through the tantric art and frequently, orgasm will occur towards the end of the massage. The culmination of all sensory activity may produce feelings of bliss and contentment. They may also provide an overwhelming emotional response. As this is a new experience, there is no right way or wrong way to react.

Addressing sleep issues

If you have problems with your sleep pattern, then tantric massage can help to correct this too. Very often, we have thoughts running through our minds and it may be difficult to turn these off, especially in the dark of night. In fact, these thoughts are more real life problem-related rather than random. However, going over them in our minds is not really a productive way of spending our sleeping time, as no solutions are generally found, and the lack of sleep can make a problem seem even bigger, sometimes insurmountable. One of the benefits of tantric massage is that sleep is much more easily attainable. The feelings of relaxation associated with tantric massage are more likely to give the right mood for sleep to occur.

Possible mutual bonding between couples

Other benefits of tantric massage include the fact that it can bond a relationship between couples. Many people do not take enough time out to share with their partners, and the time that is spent with them is usually taken up with household duties or shopping. Therefore, once you have enjoyed a tantric massage, you can learn to share it with your partner, enhancing experience and bringing a new-found level to your relationship. A tantric massage between couples may end in intercourse, and this is great. However, just ensure you are both agreeable as to what will happen and at what point intercourse will take place, so that the experience is enjoyed to its fullest by you both


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