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Shamanistic Tantric Sex

Religious faiths came to believe and realize that if they could control the most basic of behavioral instincts like sex; they could control all human behavior. Religious faiths used sex as a tool of control; sex for pleasure became evil or a weakness of will and mental self-control. By abstaining from sex people will become closer to God, or to abstain will bring a higher level meditation, self-control, and personal consciousness. Truth, sex became a manipulation tool for only one reason to control the masses. Even in ancient time or today, sex is often used as a behavioral psychology instrument or brain-washing device to control people and their behavior.

In many religious traditions, sexuality is feared. We are given strict rules around what kind of sex is okay and when and with whom. We are taught that sexual energy is dangerous and must be carefully contained.

What if the very reason religion and sex have a tangled relationship is that sexual energy is an expression of the divine? What if erotic joy is God manifesting in our very bodies, in our connection with ourselves and each other?

Though Shamanism is deeply spiritual, it is not an organized religion, neither is Tantra.

The word Shaman means “to know” and is the earliest known spirituality sourcing back to prehistoric time beyond measure. Archaeological evidence of Shamanism has been found from 40,000 years ago, and is believed to have originated in Siberia. Shamanic practices have existed in every aboriginal culture throughout history. Shamans have been known to: heal human suffering, interpret dreams, reveal prophecy, project their spirits out of their bodies, channel animal guides and spiritual entities.

We are all connected by an invisible web of life. Our thread begins when we are conceived, we maintain weaving with our sexual life force energy, and of course, death is a natural part of this tapestry. As shamans, our spiritual practice is to walk in the visible world of form as well as the invisible world of spirit.” Both Tantra and Shamanism use specific principles and practices for sexual healing and enlightenment. Some of the basic tools include breath, sound, movement, prayer, chanting, lovemaking and ritual. Tantra is also about cutting through the illusional veils, dreams and so we can break free of the nightmare of the collective unconscious.

Human’s have a physical form, a body, and in that body comes bones, tissue, organs, and a brain. Also, in that body comes feeling, emotions, energy, thinking, and conscious awareness. All basic instincts of human nature, including sex; it’s in our nature to crave sex and sexuality, not to mention our need for intimacy. constantly believe in sex and sexuality; while other elders gave little importance to energy and spirituality because their focus was on connecting the body and mind by creating a union between the two. Drawing on traditional and modern practices, a sex shaman uses the power of erotic energy as a healing medicine. They channel divine love and embrace sexuality freely. They teach tantra, trance dance, kundalini yoga, and other techniques for healing shame, guilt, fear, and sexual trauma.

Experience the power of Ancient Tantra and its tools as a gate to heal and to create a bond with your own higher-self, the supra-conscious and the Universes. Illuminate the path of sexuality and heal the split between sex and spirit, release the shame surrounding sexual awakening, and inspire more sexual liberation around the world. The teachers reveal intimate details of their life stories and sexual awakening journeys, showing how, by surrendering to the wisdom of the erotic current of the universe, transformation occurs.

Learn, and encounter a new lifestyle; of love, passion, and self-respect. Tantra is about self-discovery, self-awareness, self-improvements, and pure-conscious awareness of who you really are.

Tantra Spiritual Lifestyle is the ancient adult Art of Tantra ritual practices of Body, Mind, & Spiritual enlightenment. The lifestyle program focuses on physical and spiritual practices and adventures of personal in-sight to self-development, self-awareness, and pure conscious awareness, etc. This allows couples and singles to venture down a path of physical and sexual pleasures; including mental, emotional, and a spiritual journey of exciting activities that will change your life. Provide insights, exercises, and knowledge in a clear, down-to-earth voice, which will help you get in touch with your own sacred sexual shaman, and discover incredible new experiences you never knew you were capable of. Plus, there is devoted to both male and female Tantric orgasms, and another that will help you find your sacred spot. Expand your consciousness and improve your relationships. Sex is a core function of humanity. It plays a huge role in the physical health and vitality of the body. Sex is also an immense, universal force that can merge your spirit (your divine essence) with your body. Sex is involution (spirit descending) and evolution (physical ascending) meeting at the heart in an explosion of pure love.

Why is sex the most coveted experience in modern-day culture? Because we seek this connection with the divine. Because it allows us to transcend ourselves in a way no other experience does. We know there is the potential for sex to be transformational and life-changing.

We've been expecting way too little of sex for a very long time. It's a massively powerful energy, and it has more potential than we realize to be a force for the amazing in our lives. What if sex, experienced as sacred, could open a field of intimacy in your relationship with your lover that you never knew existed? Something that is treated as sacred is endowed with the power to transport us from the mundane ordinary reality of our lives and into the direct experience of the transcendent and even the mystical. So when it comes to understanding what is sacred sexuality, in my opinion it boils down to one thing: How you relate to and use sex as either

as a means for self-gratification: to get your needs met, to satiate your physical cravings for pleasure or connection, and to enjoy a few minutes of and genital stimulation.


As a means to access the transcendent and enter into the mystical, as a path of self knowledge, and ultimately as a way to experience the Divine which innately includes the experience of ecstatic states of expanded pleasure, access to cosmic awareness, and feelings of profound union wholeness, and love.

Sacred sexuality is the practice of embodying and becoming the energy and expression of love in the world; not as a means to try to get love, but as a transformative path where we allow love itself to be the grist for the mill so to speak, where we learn to allow love to work in us and through us as we literally become the embodied expression of this love.

The simplest explanation of tantric intimacy is that it is about aligning the fire of your sexual energy, passion, and desires with your heart, your spirit, and a sense of goodness in your life. When these forces come into balance and harmony, interpersonal magic sparks begin to fly, and sex becomes a healing process, empowering and transcendent.

Our sexuality is one of the ways that we can deeply unite with the divine. It’s one of the ways that we can deeply unite with another person. It’s a way that we unite with their soul, their spirit… it’s uniting beyond the physical body.

A typical tantric session involves intimacy and delicacy in sex, which includes hugs, caresses, and, above all, being present in the body and focusing on energy movement between the participating bodies. Sometimes, during tantric sex, you barely move, and attention is focused on a space of devotion and meditation. If you relax and take it easy, or speed up and slow down the action, you can have sex for hours, and the enjoyment can continue to grow.

That said, all sexual energy can be tantric when done with awareness. Tantric sex can be immersed in organic, intense, and primitive spaces, where the body’s instinct takes over, and you are blinded by pleasure. Breathing is fundamental to tantric sex; people can use breathing and consciousness to move sexual energy throughout the body, awakening their capacity for pleasure rather than focusing only on the genitals. You might lose “sight” or awareness of where one body stops and the other begins. You might experience space and time as limitless. You might feel like you can truly “see” your partner’s soul. You might experience waves or pulses of energy flowing through your body in ways or at levels you’ve never known before. One or both of you might end up in tears of joy… or tears of healing.

In the practice of sacred sexuality, through energy, breath, presence… and so much more… you will unite with and know not just your partner on deeper more conscious levels, but you’ll also come to know your own divine nature… your own true self… as you never have before. With just one taste of sacred sexuality you will come to know that their are dimensions of pleasure, intimacy, and love that you’ve never even imagined, let alone explored. An entirely new world will be opened to you.

Sexuality itself is a sacred life force and the conceiving power in the universe. When we allow it to flow freely, it elicits deep feelings of longing, desire and passion, and in the blissful unifying act produces immense healing for our bodies and souls. We’re experiencing unspeakable suffering all over the world after an age of defiling, suppressing and misusing sexuality. A key part of healing love is to create spaces where we can fully accept our sexual nature and freely express it in mutual respect.

The energies of erotic attraction and polarity are fundamental powers of creation. When we recognize ourselves in the other – “tat tvam asi” – in the moment of polarity, solidarity between and among the sexes occurs. The way of erotic love is a sacred path to the divine world. In erotic love, our body meets the sacred and we encounter the trans-personal in the most direct way. We’re creating a new field of love sexuality is the deepest pleasure of the flesh and bliss of the soul, the cosmic and sensual joy at what we can mutually give each other. It’s a deep communication, deep union and deep recognition at the physical level.

The divine world is made manifest in freely lived Eros. In connecting sexually, an aspect of the divine world is able to manifest.

Suppressing female sexuality was the main tool of domination during the patriarchal era.

The healing of love isn’t limited to erotic love. It also includes a new relationship to the fellow human being and to all creatures, moving from our separated picture to connecting with the divine center in all things.

Meditating With Erotic Energy

Sexual energy is related to creativity, connection, desire, and movement. It’s not always about sex or about another person. It’s an energy with a lot of power that may help you connect to the earth, your heart, and even your voice. This healing meditation imagines sexual energy in the pelvis as a form of light or liquid that moves throughout the body with the rhythm of the breath.

Sit in a comfortable position for your meditation and close your eyes. Place your hands on your low belly and allow your breath to move under your hands. Do your best to relax your belly and your pelvic floor, that net of muscles surrounding your genitals.

Breathe deeply into this pelvic region, into your genitals and your pelvic organs. Take a few moments to simply feel this area.

Now imagine your divine erotic energy as a form of light, curled up in the bowl of your pelvis.

Imagine its color and brightness. Traditionally the color of this energy center is a lovely sunset orange.

Imagine that your breath is gently encouraging this curl of energy to move and flow. Relax around the energy so that it has space to move and see where it wants to go.

Now feel the energy at your heart, right in the center of the chest. Imagine the color and texture of this energy center, traditionally a calm deep green. Place one hand on your heart, keeping the other at your low belly.

Feel these energies calling to each other and uncurling towards each other. Feel the energy at your pelvis and genitals drawing up toward your heart, and your heart energy moving down toward your genitals. Allow these energies to connect and intertwine with each other.

these are some benefits of tantric sex and the practice of sacred sexuality:

Getting more of what you want in sex

Releasing sexual blocks and shame

Awakening your sexual energy to flow freely within your body

Accessing your greatest pleasure and desire

Discovering full or multiple body orgasms

Experience a new level of connection in the couple and with yourself, from intimacy and love.

Achieving more extended, more relaxed, and quality sex sessions.

Improved personal communication.

Holistic mind-body-spirit connection with yourself and your partner



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