Description Of a Couples Class.


Class offerings will honor a diversity of Sexual Orientations. Straight, Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual people

are all honored and welcomed

*Attire:* Comfortable clothing like yoga clothes, tank top and shorts .


Tantra is the path of growing in Love and Consciousness. Love being the feminine part of duality, Consciousness being the masculine. Spiritual Union – dissolving of duality, is combining, merging the masculine energy with the feminine one, merging the two into oneness.    The same is true for living with an open heart. The ego is going for gratification, so we all forget about love and compassion. Tantric partners support each other. By again and again putting the focus on love. Look Lovingly, act lovingly, even think lovingly. Giving and receiving instead of getting and taking. Accepting and embracing all there is in love.

A tantric relationship is a spiritual relationship. It’s a connection between two people but not only on body and mind plane but also a heart and soul connection. The ultimate purpose is to help your partner, the both of you to achieve enlightenment and spiritual attainment. This goal, however, is not so relevant, because tantra is all about the journey. Growing in love and consciousness resulting in happiness. So the real goal is just to be happy – endlessly happy together – in the here and now.

We become conscious communicators when we are aware of our words, body language and energy in every interaction. Aware means being present to, and /curious/ about, how we express ourselves, and the impact we are
having both on individuals and the whole (energetic space). We take greater responsibility in our relationships by /owning/ our part in any conflict, and celebrating new milestone

A slower, intimate, bodily, conscious, loving, energetic encounter. Intimacy, sexuality, and love merge in a deep connection of body-mind-soul. Lovemaking is honoring the divine in your spouse. And there’s no start, no end to that.  Simple motionless eye contact can be even more ecstatic as physically penetrating and a lot of thrusting.