Women's Classes





WEDNESDAY 7pm -9pm
There is no nudity or sexual contact in these courses.

The term Tantra means to weave or expand and the work conducted during a Tantric Journey session works on subtle energies within the body to remove negative blockages at cellular level; enhance spiritual and personal growth and promote physical well-being.    Literally, the more empowered we feel in our sexual pleasure, the happier, healthier, more motivated and inspired we are to live our dreams and contribute meaningfully to life.

There is so much misinformation and so many myths about female sexuality that it can be pretty confusing. Are we supposed to be good girls or bad girls, porn stars or prudes?  How can you be authentically your natural gorgeous sexual self?

Find out at one of my beautiful, inspiring Wednesday's of embodying your sexuality: getting into your body, feeling your energy, opening yourself up to the  *incredible potential of your female sexuality*

  * Female/male anatomy,

* Spreading Pleasure to the whole body
  * Awaken the 11 different O’s for women
  * Creating a daily and weekly “Pleasure Program”
  * Sexual Communication, emotional processing

    * Yoni /Lingam Massage

five elements
  * Sensual Touch
  * Pelvic Movement to cultivate chi
   * Loss of interest in sex
  * Difficult to experience an orgasm
 * Different sources of “Female Ejaculate” 
  * Unable to experience Amrita (ejaculate) and fully let go

*The Tantric understanding of femininity/masculinity

*Foreplay techniques for men and women